Bald Eagle sighting in farm country!

by Sandford Anderson
(Teeswater, Ontario, Canada)

One of our readers reports his sighting of a Bald Eagle near Teeswater, Ontario - While driving to work one morning this week, I spotted a Bald Eagle perched in a maple tree, immediately adjacent to highway #4 about 5km, outside of Teeswater, Ontario.

Not believing that it could be a Bald Eagle, I was able to turn my car around and park right beneath the tree where the bird sat.

As the bird was situated in a stand of deciduous trees in winter, thus there was no foliage to block my view, it was easy to identify the large raptor even though I had never seen one before.

The bird completely ignored me even though I was parked right next to its perch. I watched the bird for several minutes but unfortunately I had to leave before it took flight.

Unbelievable feeling though - it was a great way to start the day!

Thanks Sandy, for the report of your Bald Eagle sighting!

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