Bald Eagle Port Dover Ontario

by Dennis Rowling
(Simcoe, Ontario, Canada)

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

I encountered this magnificent creature while he was feasting on some road-kill.

He flew off when I drove past.

I went a quarter mile down the road and did a I-turn and parked near the road kill and discovered him perched in a nearby tree.

What a privilege to be in his presence.

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In Awe
by: Jacquiline

What an excellent shot! What a beautiful wonder of nature! How blessed we are! He may be the same one I saw on December 26th. I was in absolute awe of his beauty!

by: Anonymous

WOW! Great shot and a magnificent creature.

by: Marinus Pater.

Lovely shot. Nice to see the birds making a comeback. Marinus.

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