Bald Eagle near Owen Sound

(Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada)

Like the reader from Allen Park I found this page wondering if that could really have been a Bald Eagle I saw.

I was attracted by the sound of a Crow overhead and saw him harassing a very large bird with a pure white fanned tail.

There was also a Turkey Vulture soaring near them which was dwarfed next to the "eagle".

After watching this for a few minutes I heard the tell tale screech of a Red Tailed Hawk that came barreling across the sky to join the fray.

He and the "eagle" both took a tumble and quickly flew beyond my view.

I wish I had had my camera at hand to catch that sight!

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lucky lucky lucky
by: n0va59

Wow Lucky you, an Eagle, Turkey vulture, Ted Tail Hawk, and a Crow all in one should buy a lotto never know !-)

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