Bald Eagle near Freelton, Ontario

by Nancy Gibson
(near Freelton, Ontario, Canada)


Thanks to Eric Harrison for the photograph.

March 16 2010 - This eagle caught my eye while I was chatting with a neighbour. I assumed it was a Vulture, and didn't think too much about it.

When the bird circled again closer to the house I realized I was seeing something quite amazing.

My next thought was picture, so I ran two doors over and informed my neighbour. She was ecstatic, and quickly got her husband (who has the really good cameras).

The Eagle's assent into the blue was not fast but he wasn't wasting time either catching the updraft.

By the time Eric was able to take the photograph the bird was quite high up.

Thank you so much for writing and telling us about your Bald Eagle sighting, and for the wonderful picture, it is really spectacular!

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