Bald Eagle near Exeter

by A McLean
(Goderich, Ontario, Canada)

December 11 2013 at 09:30.

I was driving up Airport Line close to Dashwood Road near Exeter, Ontario.

I saw a huge dark brown bird with a white head and tail flying overhead.

Didn't have time to stop and watch it, wish I could have.

It had to be an Eagle.

I agree, it must have been a Bald Eagle - I can't think of another large bird with a white head and tail

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Bald eagles near Clinton, Ontario
by: Anonymous

Driving home on Highway 8, approx. 1 mile west of Clinton I saw 2 male Bald Eagles and a female, perch in a tree by the highway. Totally awesome. Also saw other birds of prey. Looking forward to those drives just to watch for birds!

Bald Eagle near Plattsville
by: Sara

My friend saw a Bald Eagle flying overhead between Plattsville and Innerkip on Christmas Day! I wish I'd seen it too. I've been looking, but haven't seen any Eagles this year.

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