Bald Eagle in Owen Sound

by Donna Strutton
(Owen Sound, Ontario. Canada)

My husband and I like to go down to the bay shore in Owen Sound to sit by the water a lot. We went down to sit across from the entrance to the Soccer Complex at around 10 am on November 12.

I was reading something when all of a sudden my husband pointed and shouted "Look! About 100 feet in front of our truck and about 50 feet above the water was a Bald Eagle.

It was flying in towards Owen Sound and the inner harbor. We tried to get a picture with our cell phone but he could not get it to focus.

We went there again at night on November 13 and saw a big bird flying low about 2 feet above the water towards Owen Sound again. He thinks it was the Bald Eagle because he could see white on the tail and head.

I am not sure if eagles will fly at night and I thought this second sighting was a Blue Heron looking for a place for the night.

We go down there a lot and see many amazing sights of nature, but this was really exciting.

I am not much of a bird watcher but it seems like this year we have seen an amazing amount of Water Fowl that we have not seen in years, but seeing the Bald Eagle tops them all!

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Bald Eagle sighting Owen Sound area
by: Brian Courtney

Hi, I just wanted to say that I experience my first, in the wild, Bald Eagle sighting ever, today, February 29th 2016. I was and still am, so excited, there were two of them, near the shore north of Owen Sound, Ontario. I only had my cell camera and although I got a picture the quality of the photo is poor because of the distance that they were from the road, still all in all that was an amazing experience!

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