Bald Eagle in Midland

by Wayne
(Midland, Ontario, Canada)

In my 60 years, I have only ever seen Bald Eagles maybe twice (in the US, never in Canada) but yesterday, January 18th 2011, in the late afternoon there was a flutter of wings in the bush beside our home and our first reaction was that it was a Wild Turkey roosting for the night.

Not so. The unmistakable white head clearly identified it as a Bald Eagle. By the time I located the binoculars, it had flown, but what a thrill! In Ontario! In Midland!

Anyone else seen these magnificent birds in central Ontario?

Thank you so much, Wayne, for this report of your Bald Eagle sighting - what a thrill to see this birds so closely! You should keep your camera handy, and send us a picture if you see him again! Our readers would love to see pictures!

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Eagle Sighting in Collingwood, ON January 22, 2011
by: Kathleen Knoll

Kathleen from Collingwood writes - I recently placed 2 small bird feeders outside my front room window and am now in the habit of frequently checking outside for my feathered friends. Much to my astonishment today I spotted a very large bird approaching in the distance, thinking it might possibly be a heron.

It was approaching swiftly and I yelled at my husband to come to the window.

It approached directly overhead & soared above us for fleeting moment, but long and close enough for us to distinguish it's very white head and massive wing span.

It was a beautiful majestic Bald Eagle.

I ran outside but it had vanished. Am so glad my husband could confirm the sighting as it happened so fast!

If I had been alone I am sure I would have thought I imagined it. WOW!!

Definitely keep your camera handy!
by: Lisa Birtch

What an incredible feeling it is to see these magnificent creature! I live in London and have seen 4 seprate Eagles since I noticed my first one and started looking! I would say to make sure you checked the box to receive notifications on this website.

You get just a few emails, but when people see wildlife and want to tell others about it, they seem to find this page!

I've really enjoyed hearing about what people are seeing.

Here is a link to one of my photos I took here in London in November Lisa's Eagles and a gentelman posted this morning from Alvinston and here is the link to his posting Three times Lucky

Good luck!

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