Bald Eagle In Komoka Park

by Drew and Ashley
(London, Ontario, Canada)

I was sitting by the Thames River with my girlfriend on September 6, 2012 and we suddenly spotted a graceful Bald Eagle soaring directly overhead. It was unmistakable!

What a beautiful creature, and what a wingspan!

It seemed to effortlessly float about in circles, as I desperately employed my loon call in a futile attempt to lure it closer to us so we could get a better look.

First time either one of us had ever seen one in the wild!

What an experience!

Thanks for sharing this - I too, have seen Bald Eagles on the banks of the Thames River near Komoka. We saw ours on Old River Road, just off Glendon Drive (Oxford Street West) - it was soaring around and then landed in a large tree.

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by: Rev PBJ

I've seen them nesting in Delaware, Ontario. Highway 2 and 81.
There are at least three of them.

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