Bald Eagle in Farm Field

by Gary
(Cambridge, Ontario, Canada)

My wife and I were returning to Cambridge, Ontario, from Paris at approximately 12:15 pm on Tuesday, March 11, 2014, travelling north out of Paris on highway 24A.

As we came out of the second bend of a s-curve we noticed a large bird standing in the frozen runoff in a farm field.

At first we thought Vulture or Red Tail, but as I started to slow down and pull over it became obvious it was a Bald Eagle.

This beautiful, majestic bird was about about 50 yards in on right side.

Unfortunately, before my wife could get a picture with cell phone, it took flight and flew back and landed about 300 - 400 feet back in field.

I was born, grew up and lived in Paris for 45 of my 60 years and had never before seen a Bald Eagle around Paris.

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