Bald Eagle at Limberlost Forest

by Diane Horton
(Huntsville, Ontario, Canada)

The first weekend of March 2013 a pack of Wolves brought down a deer on the road into my cottage within the Limberlost Forest and Wildlife Reserve.

I was driving in, expecting to see the dozen or so ravens and crows that were there the night before, but when I turned the corner there was a mature Bald Eagle at the carcass.

The trees in the area were full of the ravens and crows, who were watching the Eagle take its turn.

When I brought down the window of the car to take a photo, the Eagle was startled and started to fly away.

All of the other birds started chasing the Eagle, and I couldn't get out of the car fast enough to get a photo.

I will never forget seeing the Bald Eagle directly in front of me - it was an incredible day!

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