Bald Eagle at Healy Falls east of Peterborough

by K. Brunton
(Healy Falls, Ontario, Canada)

One of our readers from Healy Falls, Ontario, sent us this report of her Bald Eagle sighting this morning - May 6, 2010, My husband was just finishing his breakfast this morning, and was looking out the east facing window.

He said that there was something in the field and people were stopping to look - even the school bus, so we jumped in the van and went to have a look. I took my camera with me.

It was a Bald Eagle. It was in the field for about half an hour that we know about. We also get Geese in that field, but they weren`t landing in the field until the Eagle had left.

I will be checking again tomorrow morning. I am sure it has been there before as I had seen something in the field, but it was usually later in the morning when no one was around.

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