Baby Possums in Hamilton

by Karen
(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

I was outside last night with my cat (who is de-clawed and only goes out on a leash).

It was dark and I usually put her inside before it gets dark.

I started to walk over to her to get her and put her inside and I her a scuffle type sound, and I said to her "what are you doing?"

I then saw her running towards me from a bush, and I bent over to pick her up up and something dropped out of her mouth.

It was a baby Possum and it looked dead, it lay there still.

I grabbed my cat and felt scared that my cat could have been bitten and also for the baby Possum that I thought lost its life. I put my cat inside and my husband was outside with the flashlight and put the light on the Possum. He said "you better call the Humane Society because it is still alive and moving".

I felt so bad. Just then he shouted in the house where I was and said " Ha ha, don't bother, he was just playing Possum, he is fine and just ran away" Thank goodness.

Neither was harmed and I found out that there were quite a few of them under a shed that we have at the side of our house.

The animals are cute yet so ugly. I think it is the tail that freaked me out - very rat-like.

We have seen full grown Possums in our yard before but not babies.

Gotta love nature!

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Possums downtown Hamilton
by: Eva

Is there a way to get rid of them, gently. My dogs have been driven nuts out in the backyard. There is one living under the porch, or up in the tree, depending on where the dogs are barking. .
Hard to tell, but wonder about disease and such.
If there is someone that would come and get him, please post.

If anyone know how to "discourage" Possums, please let us know!

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