Assorted Vultures across Ontario

by Rita, Will, Doug, Norma, Steve, A.D., Mike, Karen
(North Pelham, South Etobicoke, Garson, Stouffville, Waterloo, Mississauga, Buxton, Toronto, King City)


In the late spring this year we received several sightings of Turkey Vultures, and you can read them below.

April 9 2017, North Pelham, one of our readers observed ... Our Turkey Vultures have returned in the past week. Today we saw six soaring above our barn yard making good use of the air currents created by several barns and silos.

April 12 and 13, 2017 Rita said ... I was walking my dogs around 4:30 pm in South Etobicoke, by the lake and saw them circling near some apartment buildings. I thought they were Hawks at first but they looked different, larger perhaps and they didn't have the classic yellow tail feathers of the Hawk. A woman I met saw them too. She was pretty sure of what they were. She said she noticed the red in the neck area.

April 21 2017, Will from Garson, Ontario, said ... I saw a lone Turkey Vulture standing beside some carrion/roadkill on Maley Drive. First sighting for me, but I'd be surprised if they haven't been around for years.

April 3 2017, Doug Boyd from Stouffville asked ... I seem to see these a lot lately just driving around York and Durham regions - is this new or are they just becoming a bigger population in this area?

May 3 2017, Norma says ... we have tons of Turkey Vultures in Waterloo, Ontario.


May 8 2017, Steve reported ... yesterday in the Osprey Marsh area of Mississauga I was working in a backyard planting some trees when a large shadow crossed the area I was working in. Being in a flight path of the airport I assumed it was a plane but noticed there was no sound of a plane. I looked up and saw a Turkey vVight at the same time a large group of young school children were walking on the path near were I was and this made me nervous but they did not seem to bother the kids. The birds stuck around for a while. I later read that they would not bother small kids or live animals it is only dead animals they were looking for.

May 11 2017, A. D. from North Buxton said ... for the last week we have spotted more than ten Vultures in the trees on a lot in North Buxton. Very spooky but also very cool!

May 13 2017, Mike Hollinger told us ... I saw a Turkey Vulture sitting atop a school roof in the Bathurst and Sheppard neighbourhood of Toronto. It circled a couple of times before landing and two children photographed it before it flew off. It was a magnificent and enormous bird.

May 29 2017, Karen from King City said ... last week (around May 22nd) I was sat at my desk on the computer, and from out of nowhere swooped this huge blackish bird with an incredible wingspan outside my bedroom window down to the ground. I knew it wasn't a hawk or a crow by its huge wingspan and it was blackish. I had my camera sitting on my desk beside me, but was in such a shock at seeing it never got a picture of it. My cleaning lady said today it was more than likely a Turkey Vulture as she is from around Newmarket.

Thank you, readers, for sending us this information about your Turkey Vulture sightings - I will be posting this on our facebook page so that our facebook followers can also enjoy reading your reports.

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