Assorted Coyote Sightings

by Barb & Toby and Various Readers
(Whitby, Thornton, Kitchener, Ottawa, Taunton)

One of our readers said ... I was chased by a Coyote in Whitby Optimist Park, June 17, 2022. I live by the Whitby Optimist Park and have a small dog. We used to see a Coyote at Jack Wilson park for years. Now we have been seeing them all around Erickson Drive at all hours of the day. At 7:30 am I walked my dog on the sidewalk by the park and I noticed a coyote "stalking" us. I began to walk my dog in the other direction, the coyote came across the street and was headed for us. I had a whistle and blew it. Didn't phase the coyote. He started jogging at us. I picked up my dog and began a slow jog away. The coyote kept coming. I began to run. There was nobody else around. The coyote ran across the street and was keeping to the house side but chasing me. It only backed off when I came upon another person getting in her car with her kids. I have since made about 7 phones calls to report this incident. Nobody will do anything about it. Not Animal Control, not the Ministry of Natural Resources - they advised to call the police, which is ridiculous. The Town of Whitby has to do something about this. I will post again if I get an answer.

A reader wrote from Thornton, Ontario just south of Barrie July 15, 2022 ... just moved to the area (county road 27). Probably around 10:00 pm - it sounded very close to our property and like there were several as they were howling and yipping very loudly. According to our neighbours, they do pass through our properties.

Barb from Kitchener wrote ... December 16th a coyote cub crossed a busy intersection in front of our house, came along sidewalk towards us then went up along side of our house into our backyard. Looked very healthy. This all took place in broad daylight, 3:00 in the afternoon.

A reader reported ... a Coywolf in Oshawa ... I was outside with my dog, I had a feeling to look to my left and when I did I saw a coywolf (up to my waist) tall, skinny, staring at me and looking like he in attack mode, he was less than 6ft away. I could tell that he was ready to jump, I didn’t have anything to intimidate him with, clearly he wasn’t scared of me, his shoulders were tense, head didn’t move, eyes didn’t blink, fur was up. It was 6.30 pm on a week night, my dog was to my right and my house was across the street. He wasn’t looking at my dog, only kept staring into my eyes. He moved forward and I ran, before you come at me, it was the size of a king shepherd, it wasn’t intimidated. My dog instead of running with me charged at the coywolf, because my dog is smaller he didn’t stand a chance. The coywolf got bitten in the leg and my dogs neck was snapped in a matter of seconds. I made it home (across the street) and called 911. My dog was eaten whole before the Police got there (less than 15 minutes). This happened Dec 1, 2022. This was in North Oshawa, I am sure they travel to South as well. They aren’t all bad, but some are! This one was aggressive and deadly. We looked at the paw prints in the mud and it was pacing back and forth watching before the attack and it was alone. This was a premeditated attack. My dog didn’t deserve to die like this.

August 1st 2022 Toby wrote ... Coyote sightings Near Taunton and Anderson (AKA. Taunton North). A rather skinny coyote possibly abandoned by his pack and/or has mange was spotted in Hannam Park. It supposedly lives in Pringle (Creek) Forest. There are so many of them in Pringle Forest. But why? Well, Taunton North has a lot of the following (In order Descending): Dogs, Chipmunks, Squirrels, Rabbits, Skunks and Field Mice. This makes it very habitable for coyotes. And Pringle Creek is close to (in descending order):

Willows Walk Public School 28.26 m, It's under the school though, It's more like 128 m,

St Mark the Evangelist Catholic Elementary School 51.80 m,

John Dryden Public School 62.26 m,

Dr. R. Thornton Public School 89.18 m,

Glen Dhu Public School 90.31 m,

Fallingbrook Public School 109.14 m,

Father Leo J Austin Catholic Secondary School 125.22 m,

Pringle Creek Public School 202.82 m,

Fairport Montessori Academy 235.05 m,

Saint Bernard's Catholic Elementary School 250.88 m,

Sinclair Secondary School 275.39 m,

École Secondaire Catholique Saint-Charles-Garnier 812.71 m,

Ormiston Public School 867.23 m,

Saint Matthew the Evangelist Catholic School 1.09 km,

Robert Munsch Public School 1.15 km,

Just to name a few schools.

Durham District School Board! 219.87 m!

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