Appleby and Lakeshore

by Anonymous
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

July 4, 2014 - Appleby & Lakeshore

Hi there, I had my twin girls at my Mom's on July 4, they live in a condo on the Lakeshore.

We went for a walk out back until I felt eyes on us.

I looked up and at first thought it was a German Shepherd due to it's size then realized it wasn't with anyone and was not a dog.

I hadn't thought Wolves were this close, but it was much too large to be a Coyote.

I'd say it was more tan-grey coloured with white.

It was stalking the geese in the water until it got a bead on my toddlers.

I ran, I know in hind sight I shouldn't have, but I picked up the girls and ran.

We got up to the 20th floor and my Dad could look down and see him (that big) in plain sight from the 20th balcony.

He picked up some binoculars and said he was one healthy looking Coyote.

So I'm not sure if he is fed well (on geese) or if it was a Wolf, but I didn't think there were Wolves around here.


I've asked my husband not to take the girls through the neighbourhood trails and he thinks I'm over reacting.

I'm not so sure I am!

I hope you don't mind, but I have moved your submission from our "Comments" section where it may only be seen by a few people, to our "Wolves" section where it may be seen my many more people.

Over Southern Ontario there are Coyotes in abundance, but in the past few years there are more and more "Coy-wolves" which are Coyote - Wolf hybrids, which is what I suspect you have seen.

They are larger than Coyotes, and often look more like Wolves, but Wolves prefer to be a long way from human habitation, but Coyotes fit in quietly around us.

The hybrids may look like Wolves, but have the behaviour of Coyotes.

I will also post this on our facebook page.

Thank you for sending this report to us.

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