An Abundance of Possums!

by L. B., Joe, Mallory, Cedric, Lori, Jackie, Paul,
(Frankford, Barrie, Princeville, London, Guelph, Hamilton, Niagara Region, Brantford, Mennonite Corner, Hanmer)


A reader from Frankford, Ontario, sent us this picture and report of his Possum sighting ..... Little fellow was quite friendly, walked right up to him in the daylight hours. Then took some pictures - seen him a couple more times at night but nothing since. Has only been a couples of days. Frankford is 10 minutes north of Trenton.

L. B. from Barrie, Ontario, told us ..... I was on the way home and ran over an animal that I did not recognize. I turned around and went back to see if I had killed the animal. It survived and it was wondering off to the road side. This happened on Lockhart Road and Huronia, in Barrie, Ontario. After I got home I checked the internet and discovered the animal was a Possum.

Joe F from Princeville, Ontario, wrote to tell us ..... I have lived in Princeville since 2005, and yesterday as it was snowing was the first time I have ever seen a Possum since being here, happily waddling through the back field and into the bush. Happy to have a new neighbor!

Mallory from London, Ontario, told us ..... Saw a Possum running across a couple of front yards on my street in London, Ontario. It's a pretty well built up area, so kudos to the little guy for surviving with all the vehicle traffic. Although I shouldn't say "little guy", he was quite long and fat.

Cedric from Guelph wrote to say ..... We were out for dinner at a golf course in Guelph and one ambled right past our window!

Lori from Hamilton tells us ..... Driving home tonight about 10.30 pm a Possum scurried onto the road in a residential neighbourhood, stopped in front of my car, looked at me, and turned and scurried back in the direction he came from!

Jackie from the Niagara Region wrote to tell us ..... I saw a Possum crossing the road near the St. John's Conservation Area near Thorold, in the Niagara Peninsula.

Paul from Brantford, Ontario, wrote to tell us ..... I live down the road from Brant Park Conservation Area and saw a Possum along the edge of the house tonight around 9:00 pm. They are horrid little things. It looked like a big rat.

A reader from Mennonite Corner, Ontario, said ..... Driving hubby to work the other day, we saw something wandering around on the road. We slowed right down, as he stayed on the road. We got a good look but wasn't sure what it was until we talked to a neighbour the next day and said it was most likely a Possum. We looked up some pictures of them, and sure enough, it was.

One of our readers from Hanmer, Ontario, wrote to say ..... I was driving home and almost ran one over at 10:00 pm last night in the pouring rain, definitely a Possum. I never saw one before and I was shocked that they were this far north. I live in Hanmer, Ontario and the Possum was on about 10 minutes from my home. I hope he made it across.

Phyllis from Ridgeway wrote to say ..... I just saw one small one in my backyard in Ridgeway (Fort Erie) Ontario. He does not seem to be afraid of humans, and is alone.

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