Am I the first to see them?

by Jim Agombar
(Napanee, Ontario. Canada)

Out hiking in the open fields just south of the Napanee River, when a large flock of 17 birds flew over at low altitude.

Their unusual call made them easy to identify and they were flying in a V formation similar to Canada geese.

Very Very big up close, much bigger than Canada geese and very graceful to watch.

They circled around the field before heading in a South Easterly direction.

I may have scared them into flight as I heard them for a while before seeing them. I suspect that they took off as soon as they saw me come around a group of cedars in the field.

A great sighting in February! (Feb 23rd 2012) I am not surprised to see them this early with the mild winter we are having. The weather was overcast with 10C temperature and light winds.

Perfect day for flying.


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