Always hear them and see them from time to time

by Christina
(Alliston, Ontario)

Just yesterday I spotted a Coyote going into a small clump of forest right beside my home. I live just on the outskirts of Alliston, Ontario, and we hear them nightly.

I have sixty acres of land and forest behind and beside me, and not only do we hear them every night at dusk, but also sometimes at 3am their howling and yipping get my dogs up and carrying on too!

This summer I was BBQing on my back deck and turned to see three of them running into the path behind my house. I was super excited and a little scared but they ran through and one looked at me but they just kept on going to do their business.

For as often as we hear them I am VERY surprised that I have only spotted them twice. They do look way bigger than 35 - 45 lbs!

Pretty amazing!

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