Almost every night in Aurora and all across Southern Ontario

by Kevin Lougheed, J Howard, Bob Smith, and other readers
(Aurora, Oshawa, Burlington, Markham, Ajax, Stoney Creek)

Kevin from Aurora wrote to tell us about Coyote activity in his area, he says ..... I actually feel fortunate but at times lacking real REM sleep as almost every night they howl for about 15 minutes. I live overlooking a ravine in Aurora and it is obvious that a family has made it's home on the opposite hill. Only occasional sightings recently, but over the past few weeks, the occasional sighting of foxes has diminished.

J Howard tells us ..... I live in the Park Ridge neighbourhood in north east Oshawa, Ontario, on the town line border of Durham Region & Clarington. We heard a pack of howling Coyotes at around 3:00 am, went on for about a half hour, truly an amazing experience.

A reader in Burlington tells us ..... My daughter's school had a lock-down in 2012 because Coyotes where spotted on the grounds. They are seen all over Burlington, Ontario, and many pets are missing too. They really don't seem to be intimidated by humans.

Another reader from Markham, tells us ..... I walked out my door to walk down Peter Street, Markham, to the Go train. I had heard crying and a scuffle just a few minutes before. As I came out the door and across the street was a large Coyote. When I yelled to scare it away it came closer and picked up a rabbit it must have just killed. It was a few minutes before it walked away.

Bob Smith from Stoney Creek, Ontario, said ..... Last night and this evening between the hours of 10:00 pm and midnight I have seen a very small, emaciated Coyote. Hanging around the industrial park areas. 2013-09-25.

One of our readers tells us that there are Coyotes in south Ajax ..... I have had numerous encounters with Coyotes along the Waterfront Trail in south Ajax anytime in the morning up to 10:00 am. They are seen wandering along the waterfront and greenbelt.

A reader from Cornwall, Ontario, wrote to say ..... I've been seeing a Coyote on Mackenzie Street around six o'clock at night.

Thank you all for writing to tell us about your Coyote sightings!

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