Adult Coyote with six pups

by Catherine Geyer
(Netherby Rd., R.R.4, Welland, ON)

Tonight (July 7, 2011) at approximately 9 p.m., I spotted a Coyote carrying a dead animal in its mouth, trotting across a field near Cooks Mills.

We were on highway 140 heading south - it was on the east side of the road.

As the Coyote neared a small grove of trees a line of pups bounded towards the parent. There were six in all.

The first one was able to get away with the supper, but the other five were obviously happy to see the parent.

He/she must have sensed we were parked along the road watching them as the pups were sent back into hiding and the adult kept trotting as if nothing had happened.

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