A wolf, a deer and a spectator.

by Pat Cameron
(Dundas, Ontario, Canada)

Late this morning, October 13 2010, I was walking along Cootes Drive toward Dundas, Ontario. Suddenly a deer bounded out of the trees followed by what I am certain was a Grey Wolf. The young deer was clearly running for its life, and took a quick left turn into thick underbrush and disappeared.

The wolf, however, was happy to remain in a large field and started hunting for smaller game, intently sniffing and pouncing in the pressed down grasses.

He appeared to be healthy and was very large, bigger than a German Shepherd dog, with a black tip on a bushy tail that he kept straight behind him, a perfect extension of his spine.

I kept wondering if it could be a dog that had gotten off leash, but he was just too big, and the markings look like the pictures on this site.

After a few minutes of hunting in the field, he trotted into the trees toward Spencer Creek, leaving me feeling privileged to have seen such a magnificent animal in a precious corridor of green space.


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Why Wont These EXPERTS admit to Wolves?
by: Katherine and Jorden : )

Hi Anonymous,
This is not the first time we've heard this, it just seems that these people are afraid to admit that Wolves are in our towns and cities.

If they do admit though, people will get frightened and will want the Wolves removed or hunted down, so I think its better if we have our own little community of these Wolves than nothing at all.

Dundas wolf
by: Anonymous

I am sure I saw a Wolf in Dundas.

by: Pat Cameron

I sent an expanded account of this experience to the President of the Hamilton Field Naturalists, who replied saying that it was probably a coyote or coyote dog that was chasing the deer, and not a wolf; he explained that there have not been Grey Wolves in this region for many years. This was a disappointing response, but also confusing because I've seen coyotes on walks in the area, and the creature I saw looked nothing like a coyote. If wolves are reasserting themselves in the area due to expanded habitat due to greenbelt protection and huge deer population, there will be other sightings, so time will tell.

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