A Sad Story

by Erika
(Picton, Ontario, Canada)

The Geese, now gone :(

The Geese, now gone :(

All our Geese are dead, last night finally the Fox was able to climb over the fence and he killed them all.

He ate from three of them, the others he only killed. It seems that he could not take them with him, because he had to get over the fence.

We put the dead geese on a place where he can find them.

We would not believe, that a fox climbs a fence, but my husband saw it once in spring when he killed some chickens.

My husband made the fence higher and put in an electric fence. The Fox is not to blame, it is us who take away his space and the habitat of his prey.

Last Fall beside our property, we saw trucks and people who made a lot of noise,they cut down the shelterbelts of the fields. A lot of trees and bushes. My son came and told me it was not only here, but in other places in the County as well.

I asked why? Because they need more space for bigger machinery, tractors, combines, and the big ugly vehicles who spray Pesticides , Herbicides and ROUND UP. The containers were as big as our water cistern, POISON. Planting GMO Crops.

The animals, birds and insects lose the place to live and hide and we loose them as well, we saw what happened to the bees.

We had 3 times animals killing our chickens, rabbits, geese and quails since.

The Animals are not to blame, we are taking the space which belonged to them, destroying their habitats to plant poison.

Does anyone care?

Erika, I am so sorry about your Geese and other animals, thank you for writing to tell us about your story.


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Right on
by: Beth

Right on, Erica. It is too bad about your geese, and you regret their loss, but you are to be complimented. You looked at the full picture, and yes, WE are the intruders. We are the ones who have, and are, taking over the wild animals habitat; we are the ones who have to claim more and more green space for OUR interests; and then so many of us blame the wild animals for doing what they have to do to survive. Bless you for your compassionate viewpoint. I agree with you one hundred percent.

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