A Possum in Windsor, Ontario

by David
(Windsor, Ontario, Canada)


I live near the Roseland Golf Course, on the city's outer edge, and was brushing my teeth about 8:30 am on a dark, overcast morning in late March 2014, when I glanced out my bathroom window and saw a Possum come trotting through the open breezeway between my house and garage!

It peered disinterestedly into my backyard, then continued on toward my neighbour's house, which is about twenty yards away, and disappeared into the narrow gap between his shed and house.

Hope that Possum's not settling in to remain near to their messy garbage/recycle bins.

We've had an unusually harsh winter, with much more snow, "Polar Vortex" cold-snaps, and a constant blanket of snow these past three months, so more animals than normal seem to have been venturing into the suburbs from the county.

Even spotted a pair of Coyotes one night recently, chasing a rabbit around a woodpile, while ignoring the loud barking by a big dog from behind a chain-link fence only fifteen feet away.

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