A Plethora of Possums

(Oakville, Ajax, Guelph, Trenton, Sarnia, Kitchener)

A reader from near Oakville, Ontario, told us ..... April 9 - we live in Oakville just north of Lake Ontario, and this morning I saw two Possums in our backyard. They didn't move when I went outside and didn't seem afraid. I want to find out how to possum-proof our backyard.

On April 10 we heard from a reader who said they saw a Possum looking big and healthy, near Rotary Park in Ajax Ontario 6:45 am one morning.

A reader from Guelph, said on April 10 that they had a Possum Visitor in Guelph! I looked out into our small backyard this morning at 9:30 am and saw a rather large Possum meander along our back fence line and in behind our garden shed. He or she was a rather large size and did not seem too concerned to be out in the light of day. I hope the critter, though sort of cute, has not taken up residence in our shed.

On April 12, Michelle from Trenton, Ontario, wrote to say ..... Tonight coming home we saw a Possum in the middle of the opposite lane of the road. We turned around to see it, and take it from the road but it was too late for the poor creature. We live in Trenton, Ontario and we saw it out of town on a back road.

On April 15 Kevin Brown, from Sarnia, Ontario, told us that he has a new neighbour! He says ..... I just spotted a very large Possum in the yard next door & upon further investigation I saw it duck under the neighbor's old shed, which I'm guessing it calls home. I just hope it's not a pregnant female.

On April 17 Denise from Kitchener told us about the Possum he spotted in Kitchener, Ontario, in his back yard ..... We have had a Possum eating from beneath our bird feeder. It is grey with white stomach and ears and long skinny tail. First time we saw it was today April 17, 2013 at 8:30 am.

Thank you to all of you who wrote to tell us about your Possum neighbours!


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