A Hawk through a dirty Toronto window

by Jennifer A. Temple
(City of Toronto)

I recently purchased a modest telephoto lens and had been practicing its use on Sparrows in my back yard.

Generally I have a small blind I can open. On this January morning looked out the window to check on the Sparrows and was amazed to see this Hawk. I took pictures through the dirty window glass first on the premise that any image would be better than none.

I was glad I had done so because as soon as the birds heard the first slight rustle at the window, a cloud of Sparrows rose up and they, along with the Hawk, left.

I live in the M6S area of the city of Toronto.

Thank you so much for the report of your Hawk sighting - there was a slight glitch - would you mind re-sending the pictures, as they didn't come through - it works best in a JPG format - our readers would surely enjoy seeing them - thanks!

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Hope this helps.
by: Daniel

Hello Jennifer,what a lovely close-up of a beautiful bird of prey, I just love the amount of birds of prey we are blessed to have throughout this beautiful province, and country. I believe what you have here is either a Sharp-Shinned Hawk,or a Broad-Winged Hawk.

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