A Frightening Experience

by Diane Mitchell
(London, Ontario)

Diane, one of our readers in London, Ontario, sent us this report of Coyotes in her area - We live in the Wonderland Road and Springbank Drive area of London, Ontario.

Last spring my daughter took our dog, a Shepherd cross, out behind our apartment building in the evening about 9:00 - 9:30pm.

Two animals appeared out of nowhere and started circling our dog. My daughter was terrified, so she dropped the leash and opened the back door with a key and instructed Bailey to come in.

When she reached our apartment she was extremely distraught. I called the city pound and left a message on the answering machine because I thought they must be stray dogs. My daughter kept insisting that they were Wolves. After I showed her images of Coyotes on the Internet she confirmed that that was what they were.

These animals acted in a very aggressive manner. They weren't scared of her at all.

I realize now I should have called 911, as there is a school just down the street from where we live.

Diane Mitchell

Thank you Diane, this might remind other readers to use caution if they believe there are Coyotes in their area, and to take good care of children and pets

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