A chance sighting

by Sarah P
(Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

I was walking down a path in my residential neighborhood in Kitchener, Ontario.

This path is beside a small stream near a small storm drain/marshy area. To one side of the stream is a row of houses and to the other side are train tracks still frequently used.

I noticed something in a tree that I thought at first was some garbage that had been blowing around and got stuck in the street.

I didn't think it was a bird because it was so still, and when I got closer I saw it was a bird, but one I couldn't identify.

I ran home to get my camera. I snapped some photos and when I looked at them at home and researched the bird on the internet, I discovered it to be a Black-Crowned Night Heron.

I'd never seen a bird like this before.

The Heron seemed to be watching the stream and bushy area, barely moving. When it saw me, it turned, stood up taller on one leg, and stared at me wherever I moved to take the photos.

I'm happy to have discovered this bird so close to where I live and hope to see it again for another photo shoot!

Thanks for this report of your Black-Crowned Night Heron sighting, and for your great pictures!

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by: tara

This is amazing - Thank you for sharing this, I have never seen one and I hope you don't mind but I would love to share this with my Naturalist Group that I am with.

Thanks Tara, it would be great to identify this bird. I wonder if it is an individual that arrived here after being blown off course by high winds? Please let us know if any one in your Naturalist Group, knows what it could be.

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