A Bonanza of Bald Eagles

by Barbara, Cheryl & Mark, Ray, Jennifer, Kelly T
(Plympton Wyoming, Dorchester, Oshawa, Port Corbin, Waterloo)

Bald Eagle (courtesy of Kaye Edmonds)

Bald Eagle (courtesy of Kaye Edmonds)

Barbara from Plympton - Wyoming wrote to tell us ... I was driving south on Oil Heritage Road and saw an Eagle in the field. It's an awesome sight. Unfortunately, more and more Eagle nests are being chopped down because of the wind turbines that we don't want. I hate the turbines more and more. Shall we talk about the relocation of snakes to make way for some turbines? What can we do to save our wildlife?

A reader from Dorchester wrote to tell us ... Spotted one soaring above me in Dorchester, Ontario, following the river. Ran into the house to get my camera and it was gone. This was April 26th around 10:20 am.

A reader wrote to tell us ... A very brief sighting. A Bald Eagle was flying south over Taunton Road approaching Oshawa Airport at 4:00 pm on May 5, 2013. It was huge and beautiful, it had its distinctive yellow beak and white head. Amazing!!!

Cheryl & Mark from Port Corbin, Ontario, wrote to say ... Sitting having supper looking over Lake Erie and a Bald Eagle flew gracefully over the lake, swept down and scooped a fish out, stood on a rock in the water and ate the fish. What an amazing sight. I wish I had my camera on me. Just amazing!

Ray from Waterloo wrote to say ... I live beside the entrance to the Kaufman Flats in Waterloo and have now twice seen a beautiful Bald Eagle flying over the Grand River from my home. Gorgeous, majestic creature, flying what seems like effortlessly. My sightings were both in the morning hours between 8:30 and 9:30 am.

We had a big snow storm today and I went outside with my two kids to shovel the walkway and play in the snow. We looked up to see a Bald Eagle soaring over our court. Unmistakable huge bird with a white head and tail. Awesome.

Kelly T says on January 3rd 2013, had an Eagle fly over when crossing from Belleville to Prince Edward County - great to see!

One of our readers says ... Saw a Bald Eagle munching on something in a field in Grey Bruce Highlands, about 15 minutes from Blue Mountain on March 14, 2013. We frightened it of course trying to take pictures. Beautiful!

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