A big Possum In London, Ontario

by Lucette & Florent Rouleau
(London, Ontario, Canada)


Saturday Night April 26, 2014, around 11 pm.

A fat grey Possum was traveling on the sidewalk in front of our building entrance and directed itself towards the grassy tree-lined picnic area between the two apartment buildings on Gardenwood Drive in West London Ontario.

This was a joy to see but unfortunately we did not have the camera ready and it was gone by the time we return to the door to take a photo.

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Possum living in London south by Robert Q's Travel
by: David Robinson

At 11:30 pm I called our two cats to be in for the night. My big black cat was by my step looking up at the overgrown hedge. My grey cat was at my front sidewalk. None of my cats paid attention to me at all, so I went to get them. I stared real hard to see what they were looking at and I saw an 8" tail move, at about eye level. Talk about freaking me out, it was a small Opossum! He stayed there for an hour, then took off into the front yard of my neighbour. I guess he lives here! Take a look at what your cats are looking at - you may be surprised!

Possum trouble
by: Anonymous

Re: Possum
Just make sure it does not take up residence in your garage under your porch or in your attic, if it does you will have a hard time evicting it.

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