99% sure its a Wolf

by Spark

I'm sorry I don't have a picture.

On Friday October 16th, around 5:30pm, about 5 or 10 kilometres west of Thamesville, Ontario, I was driving along highway 2 (Dundas Street) when I saw an animal.

It was not a breed of dog.
It was not a Coyote or Fox.
I am not crazy or on drugs.
I'm just reporting what I believe to be a Grey Wolf.

Thank you so much for this submission to our site - we have family members who live in the Thorndale area, not far from Thamesford, and they often hear Coyotes, but now and again they hear what they believe are Wolves, so this is very interesting.

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I think I saw the same Wolf
by: Anonymous

Dew Drop Road, Thamesville, Ontario...

On October 19th 2009, my dogs were going crazy outside yesterday around 6:30pm.

I went out to find out why, and right in front of them in my driveway was what appeared to be either a Coyote or a Wolf.

Since looking at pictures I believe it was a Wolf - it came very close my black lab, then it turned around (not running in fear) walked up the road and walked up the train tracks.

It was not afraid, it just walked quickly away but I was worried because we free-range rabbits, chicken and goats.

I'm sure it will be back.

Thanks for your email - yes, I think he will probably be back - I'd lock up your livestock to protect them.

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