50 plus large birds of prey flew over Ajax Ontario

by Lisa
(Ajax, Ontario, Canada )

Sitting in the backyard enjoying lunch at 12:20 October 5th 2020 and there was a shadow that caused me to look up and there had to be 50 to 75 huge birds of prey flying overhead.

I'm putting some pictures in but I wasn't quick enough with the camera I was in such awe of these beautiful majestic birds.

Has anyone else seen them today iPhones everywhere to inquire what they were because we've never seen anything like it thank you in advance for your replies it won't allow me to include a few pictures

I managed to take sorry but if anyone can tell me if they witnessed the same thing surely myself and my family can't be the only one.

Thank you for your pictures, that must have been amazing to witness such a huge flock of birds flying overhead.

They were likely on their fall migration, heading south, and I have only witnessed it once, I happened to glance upwards and saw about 40 - 50 hawks flying south. This was in October 2015 I believe, outside St Thomas, Ontario, and they were heading toward Lake Erie, probably preparing to fly south over the lake.

I went to get my phone and by the time I came back, they were completely gone.

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Glad you captured them
by: James A

I was cleaning up my garden and called my wife to pass me a bag over the deck. As I looked up to get the bag, I saw the spectacle. It was amazing. I walk the waterfront trail often and see Turkey Vultures and the flight pattern of these birds did not resemble the them. They kept at approximately the same elevation while gracefully gliding along the air current. I agree with your number estimates. When I thought they had all passed, along came another 5 or 10. I regret nor having my dlsr with the zoom handy. I am happy you captured them.

by: Tammy

This must have been a wonderful experience! I love when these unexpected wildlife adventures happen. When I read your story, I wondered if the birds might have been Turkey Vultures. They are often in groups, although usually much smaller and look just like large raptors when flying. They tend to effortlessly coast on wind currents and this is how they've become familiar overhead. We're privileged to have them return to our old barn each summer to lay eggs after they migrate. They don't build a nest, but lay an egg (apparently up to two) without one. That must be pretty nerve-wracking to protect their chick against raccoons and other predators. Sometimes we see the chick before it can fly teetering in an old window frame in the barn. The birds are pretty protective and stay close by. They live up to 45 years apparently & I've come to treasure them. Of course, they may not have been vultures, but I wondered. Thanks for the great story!

Thanks for your comments, Tammy, your info is very interesting!

Turkey Vultures
by: Clayt

I believe the birds shown in the image could be turkey vultures. They are common to the area and will often fly in numbers.

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