3 wolves then a cougar

by Brent
(Cambridge Ontario)

November 13 2012

Two weeks ago I was ground hunting with a bow. I was hunting a feed plot that contained a salt lick and deer Cain.

I was also using a deer attractant. I had a Grey Wolf come into the plot 20 feet away.

After 20 seconds it knew I was there and ran. I stood up to see where it went, then two black ones ran past me on either side of me, at about 20 yards.

This was in Cambridge Ontario.

On Friday I was out in my back yard with my dog a 90 pound Lab. I live in a subdivision but back on to a small farm. It was 12:30 noon and I saw a tan Cougar in the field. I am positive at what I seen, thinking to myself it must have escaped from the African Lion Safari.

I reported it. Called them back Sunday and was told by animal control there had been two other sitings Friday and Saturday. This also was in Cambridge, Ontario.

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Hunted out
by: Winpro

I bought a house in 2013 south of Algonquin Park and everyone around here seems to be shooting wolves on sight. They need to be protected FAST like the re-introduced elk herds or we won't have any wolves at all. I have hear them at night howling and even fighting, but far, far more in 2013 than 2014. MNR start a program to protect wolves please and fast, before we are completely wolf-less !!

by: Kait

That is quite scary, I never would have imagined cougars being this far south! (I live in Kitchener) Have there been any other sightings?

Last winter there was a Cougar sighting and prints in my father's town, Durham, Ontario.

I use to walk through the bush there all the time with out a worry, now it appears we might have to observe out surroundings more down here too!

Hardly seems fair
by: Anonymous

What kind of "hunter" has to hunt at a feed plot that contained a salt lick!!!
Every hunter I know respects the animals and is not just looking for an unfair advantage.


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