3 Times Lucky

by Blaine Burke
(Alvinston, Ontario, Canada)

My wife and I live in the village of Alvinston, Ontario. While out driving the country roads, in June of 2010, high in a treetop was perched a very large bird ...... upon getting a little closer it was apparent that it was a Bald Eagle!

Two months later, this time while driving with my wife Nicole, my sighting was verified ...... as once again, high in a treetop, was perched a very large bird ....... unmistaken features, white head, yellow beak and talons.

Both my wife and I were witnessing together this amazing bird with awe - a beautiful Bald Eagle!

These sightings were topped on January 19th 2011 at 1 pm! While coming home from shopping, as usual, we took the country roads and came upon our latest, and hopefully not our last, sighting of this magnificent specimen!

We found ourselves literally parked under a tree ...... ravished of its leaves from another cold Southwestern Ontario winter.

High above in this tree was perched the most exciting sighting yet, in all its splendour, with a huge white head, incredible yellow beak and talons.

He glanced down at us and took off from his perch in the sky. We watched once again in awe as he flew off in a north west direction and effortlessly put miles between us.

All I can say is that to anyone who is sceptical ...... they exist, and they are incredible, absolutely incredible!

Thank you Blaine, for this report of your Bald Eagle sightings - how fortunate you are to have seen these magnificent birds so many times!

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Wow! lucky you!
by: Lisa Birtch

What a great post! I live in London, and last February I was lucky enough to have had a similar experience. Since then, I have become fascinated by these incredible birds, and when I see them, I get the biggest, most incredible rush.

Now, on my days off, I usually go "Eagle Hunting", and have been lucky to have been rewarded for my efforts!

There are quite a few of these magnificent birds around London - you just have to be looking.

Here is a link to my most exciting encounter to date - I was so excited I can't believe I held my camera steady enough to get this! Click here

Thanks so much for sharing and happy hunting to you and your wife!

Good luck!

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