2nd possum sighting London, On

by Joel
(London, Ontario, Canada)


Our first sighting was a few years ago which our oldest cat took a fancy to and some how managed to have this Possum follow him home....every night, really.

That Possum was maybe a 1/3 size of an adult possum from my understanding and now comparable as of tonight to the one I've just seen.

I would set some cat food outside for our cats if they didn't make it home for dinner...I know, dinner time...yes, that was at 5:30 pm with wet food every day.

We had 3 cats and mostly all 3 would be home by 5 and waiting for dinner...but sometimes one would miss out and not be back until later.

In the case of the smaller one it explained why our one cat wasn't showing up until late simply because he found something weird.

So for over a week my wife and I would see the Possum following our cat to the back door to the food dish and our cat just laid there and watched....odd but funny.

I have pictures of the Possum showing up with our cat and I believe I have them on a picture hosting site where I have an account. I know I have the 3 cats there coming in the house at the same time for dinner. lol

Tonight was an adult Possum for sure which was bigger then our biggest cat. That one was eating around the base of the bird feeder out back the house around 2am.

That one just ran away once it noticed I had seen it.

Those are my stories of our Possum run ins here in London, Ontario.

Thanks for sending us this report - if you do track down the picture of the Possum, we'd love to see it - I can add it to this page.

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