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Spectacular Fall in Ontario

Fall in Ontario is my favourite season of all! Crunchy leaves, spectacular colours and the smell of bonfires and burning leaves ...

fall in Ontario, colourful leaves beside the road

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Pelee Island, Ontario

Pelee Island may be somewhere you would love, if bird watching, bicycling, fishing, and winery touring, are things you enjoy!

Pelee Island pheasant Ontario

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He was a Cool Possum!

I was waiting for the bus around 2:30 pm when I saw this guy across the street. I wasn't sure what it was so I went for a closer look and saw this guy

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Eagles seen in St Marys, Ontario

G Edwards sent us this great picture of a pair of Bald Eagles that he spotted this summer in St Marys ...

two Bald Eagles in a tree in St Marys Ontario

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Indigo Bunting Spotted in the Coves

I saw this bird along the banks of the creek which runs from the larger of the two ponds in the Coves area in London, Ontario. This was just after 8

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Bald Eagle in Verona, Ontario

Saw this Bald Eagle on November 9th 2018, in the morning. Thank you for writing to tell us of your Bald Eagle sighting, I will post this on our Facebook

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Bald Eagle on Earth Day, April 22, 2019

I had no idea that Bald Eagles were in this area until I thought I saw one the other day just east of Thamesville along Longwoods Road. I spotted this

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Unknown Bird of Prey

Sighted on Tar Island in the Thousand islands. What is it? Can anyone help Mary identify this bird of prey? It looks like some kind of Falcon, but

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Owl Lake Muskoka

I'm not sure what kind of Owl this is, but I saw it last Spring and saw a Snowy owl yesterday. What do you think readers? Does this look like any Owl

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Possums in abundance

One of our readers sent this picture from last winter ... I saw this guy in the backyard. Thought it was a giant rat at first, then got a better look

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Ontario Police College in Aylmer, Ontario, OPC

Ontario Police College, or OPC as it is often called, is on Hacienda Road, in Aylmer Ontario

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Wolf Sightings across Ontario

Melissa from Milton, Ontario, wrote to tell us of her Wolf sighting ... Walking my two little dogs this morning down at mill pond Milton, Ontario, around

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Do you want to be part of a Coyote Survey?

We have recently been approached by Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, who are conducting a study on Coyote activity in Eastern Ontario, and the Kingston area in particular. If you have seen Coyotes and would like to participate in this study, please complete this form and your experience will be included in the study. Thank you.

Coyote in Ontario

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Osprey, found throughout N America, including Ontario

The Osprey breeds in Southern Ontario, migrates through this area, sightings at Hawk Cliff, near Lake Erie, le balbuzard pĂȘcheur

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The Eastern Bluebird - making a come-back in Southern Ontario

The Bluebird is returning to this area, more now than ever before, nesting boxes for blue bird, insect catcher - beautiful bird

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I think beavers are interesting because they are good builders and they also are invasive because they destroy Ecosystems which then destroy every thing

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Port Ryerse Garter Snake and Ms. Snapper

On the weekend of June 1st, this large and beautiful Port Ryerse Garter Snake ate a pesky mouse. You can see the swelling about 25% of the way down.

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Map Turtle hit by car!

Mrs Map Turtle was crossing the road to lay her eggs and a car ran over her. We found 4 gravid eggs by the road. We placed a dot on the top of each egg,

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The amazing Monarch migration!

Every year, the last generation of Monarch Butterflies born in the fall migrate to Mexico! Nobody knows quite why they do it or how they know it's time

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Julia, Casey, Pat, Shirley, Colin, Holly, Trevor, Murray wrote to tell us of their recent possum sightings ...

a possum in Ontario in a box

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A Beaver in Toronto?

Yesterday I snapped these photos of a 20 ft, freshly gnawed down tree. The smell of wood chips was fresh in the air as I turned the corner on the path and there was the "tree" I knew that this was the work of the "mysterious" beaver, however a definitive picture of said Beaver has yet to be captured.

tree downed by beaver in Toronto Canada

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I love Raccoons!

One beautiful summer night I was sitting quietly and still on my front patio when along came a raccoon. He was large and when he saw me, he walked absolutely silently towards me.

friendly raccoon with arms outstretched

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Peacock sighted in Bayfield

We were cycling on Orchard Line, Bayfield, when we saw a bird which we thought was a goose but ...

peacock sighted in Bayfield Ontario

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Evening Grosbeak

I used to get all kinds of them when I was living at the house a concession over and they would all come in a flock males and females in the winter months to gorge themselves on sunflower seeds when I set them out on our old picnic table.

Three Evening Grosbeaks eating at the feeder

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Cedar Waxwings

The Cedar Waxwings are native to North and Central America as well as the northern part of South America...

Cedar Waxwings, their life in Canada

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What kind of bird is this?

This bird has been coming to my bird feeder for a few days now and it usually eats with the black bird in photo or with the doves.

what kind of bird is this - could be a Cowbird

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What is this in the Mulberry bush?

One of our readers spotted this in the bushes ...

grey catbird in the mulberry bush

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Wild Peacocks

One of our readers from Amherstburg sent us this report of her bird sighting - Every day on my way to work I am seeing 5-7 wild Peacocks grazing on the side of the road - can this be true? I didn't really believe it but I stopped yesterday and it was true - Peacocks!

wild peacocks in Ontario

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The Northern Flicker

The Northern Flicker also known as the Common Flicker, is a member of the Woodpecker family and is native to most of North America. This bird is the only Woodpecker to be ground-feeding as it takes grubs and insects from fallen logs and trees.

Cedar Waxwings, their life in Canada

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Little Lost Chick

One of our readers found a little lost chick ...

little lost chick

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London Ontario Ospreys

Here are some clear and close-up pictures of the Osprey eating a fish, I hope you like them.

Ospreys in London Ontario

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What kind of Warbler is this ?

Alexis from Markham said ... I got involved in photographing birds a couple of years ago and I'm still stumped with this one even with numerous field guides.

unknown yellow warbler on branch

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Possums seen North of Toronto

It seems that our little Opossum friends are surviving and doing well north of TO ...

Little possum in a tree

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Toronto Area Turkey Vultures

If you're like me and figure vultures belong in the wild west, and not in cities, you might be surprised by all the reports we have received from the Toronto area ...

Turkey Vulture walking on ground

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Bobcat caught on trailcam

This was taken by a trailcam I have set up on my land about 30 minutes north of Napanee or Kingston, Ontario. Follow the trail of prints in the snow to the far front left of the picture ...

Possible Bobcat caught on trail cam

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Possum in Newmarket, Ontario

Kate from Newmarket wrote to tell us about her Possum sighting ...

Possum in Newmarket Ontario

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Garter Snake takes a bath

Jim, from Puce, Ontario, wrote to say ... I was working in my elderberries when this little fellow wiggled by, so I picked him up and noted that the posterior end had not shed. I took him home and bathed him.

Juvenile garter snake being held

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Possible Mountain Lion

I found a massive cat print in mid-May while looking at wild pink lady's slipper orchids that bloom on the outer edge of our cottage property, I went to the hardware store and used lake water to mix plaster and made a cast of the paw print, at the time having never seen anything like it ...

Possible Mountain Lion print, Havelock

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Stones 'n Bones Museum, Sarnia, Ontario

We recently returned to the museum with two of our grandchildren and we all loved the displays of exotic Butterflies and Insects from around the world ... this is a great place to take your children or grandchildren this summer!

Stones n Bones museum, Sarnia

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Turkey Vulture Sightings

Turkey Vulture sightings from Brighton to Burlington!

Turkey Vulture walking on ground

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Can anyone identify this bird?

Chris from Richmond Hill asks if anyone can identify this bird ...

Unknown raptor in Richmond Hill Ontario

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Possum in Burford

Nancy from Burford wrote to tell us about her sighting of this Possum ...

Possum in Burford Ontario

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Big Cat Sighting

One of our readers had just passed under the highway 20 overpass on the 406 one evening around 10 pm when he was startled by an animal standing ...

possible big cat sighting in Fonthill, Ontario

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Spring Possum

From St Catharines one of our readers sighted a Possum ...

Possum in St Catharines Ontario

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Vulture in an old barn

Marieke D from Amherstburg wrote to tell us about her interesting sighting ...

Vulture in barn in Amherstburg

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An Abundance of Possums

Possum sightings are pouring in, here are some more from across southern Ontario ...

Possum sightings in Ontario

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Early Coyote Sightings of 2019

These readers wrote to tell us about their sightings of Coyotes ...

Coyote in the snow in Ontario

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Port Dover, Ontario

Port Dover is located in Norfolk County and is on the shore of Lake Erie at the mouth of the Lynn River. The next Friday the 13th Motorcycle gathering will be in September 2019.

Port Dover Pier

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Groundhog in Ontario

When I saw my first Groundhog after I arrived here from England, I was surprised to see that they resemble a large Guinea Pig with a tail, or perhaps a Beaver. I thought they were cute creatures and I still enjoy watching them as they wander about the field where we live in the summertime.

Groundhogs in Ontario

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