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We are currently receiving many submissions to our website and have quite a backlog. Your chances of being published quickly are greater if you are able to include a picture with your animal sighting report.

More Ontario Bald Eagles

We have had so many Bald Eagle sightings that we have had to combine them onto one page ... check this out!

Bald Eagle in Ontario

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Robin Worries

Early summer is a time when Robins are busy nest building and laying their eggs ...

Robin Worries - eggs in robins nest

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Possums in Kitchener in January

Earlier this year I had been feeding a stray cat over the winter. I even put out a little box bed with blankets inside to keep him warm over the cold

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Windsor Ontario Possum

We were walking around in little Italy and saw one at the doorway of a business. It was early morning and he/she looks scared and didn’t move at all.

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Young Opossum in Whitby

John from Whitby found a young opossum in his swimming pool ...

young opossum was in swimming pool

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Possible Broad Winged Hawk

Sabrina from Waterloo, wrote to tell us of her Hawk sighting ...

Possible Broad winged Hawk Ontario

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Bobcat sighted in Kitchener

Lud Piron sent us pictures of huge prints of a big cat in the snow ...

Bobcat sighting in Kitchener

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Janice from Bradford sent us this picture and report - maybe you could help her identify this raptor ...

mystery hawk in Bradford

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Lost and Found at University of Windsor

Poor baby falcon, lost and then found ... but there's a happy ending!

lost falcon in Windsor

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Deer in St Thomas

Sam, one of our readers from St Thomas, sent us her charming pictures of a deer waiting for the train!

White Tailed deer in St Thomas

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Bald Eagles

Six of our readers reported seeing Bald Eagles in southern Ontario ...

Bald Eagles sighted across Ontario

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Out for a Sunday Drive ...

One of our readers sent us the route he takes when going on his favourite Sunday Drive from London, through St Thomas and Sparta to the final destination Port Stanley ...

Little Beach Shop, Port Stanley

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Possum Sightings

Fifteen of our readers wrote to tell us about their Possum sightings ...

Possum in box, Ontario

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Ontario Bald Eagle Sightings

One of our readers from Aldershot sent us this picture of a Bald Eagle perched on top of tree. Hubert and Janet wrote to say ...

Possum in box, Ontario

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The Tall Ships were in Port Stanley

I missed this, but thankfully Jason from St Thomas, was there to capture the magnificence of these vessels ...

Tall ships in Port Stanley July 2019

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The Northern Flicker

The Northern Flicker also known as the Common Flicker, is a member of the Woodpecker family and is native to most of North America. This bird is the only Woodpecker to be ground-feeding as it takes grubs and insects from fallen logs and trees.

Northern Flicker

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Lynx Spotted

Three of our readers wrote to report seeing Lynx, Lorraine from North Bay said ...

Goldfinch in the sun by Margaret Imre

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The Beautiful Baltimore Oriole

The lovely Baltimore Oriole is unmistakable and we see them in the early summer, but then they leave by the beginning of July, having bred and raised their families here.

Beautiful Baltimore Oriole

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Coyotes in Caledon, Ontario

One of our readers sent us this report several months ago ...

Resident pair of coyotes in Caledon, Ontario

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Three Turkey Vulture Sightings

Three people wrote to tell us about their sightings of Turkey Vultures ...

Turkey Vulture close up showing red head

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Haldimand County Coyotes

Jon sent us this report and great pictures of the Coyotes on his farm.

Haldimand County Coyotes on trail-cam

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Gorgeous Hawk

Hi, here are a couple of photos of this gorgeous Hawk sitting 4 feet away from us in the allotment gardens at Leslie Spit, Toronto. The Hawk was eating

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Can you identify these Mystery Birds?

In April Sara from Brantford asked ... This bird is larger than a robin , and sounds like a sick Blue Jay. It has black and white and some other colors,

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Red Tailed Hawk Sightings

Five of our readers wrote to tell us about their Red Tailed Hawk sightings ...

Red Tailed Hawk on utility pole

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Plenty of Possums

One of our readers said ... Caught a big male in Georgetown - see picture above! Ian from Ajax said ... I was out for my evening walk two winters ago

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Coyotes Spotted

Several of our readers have reported seeing and hearing Coyotes ...

Coyotes spotted across ontario

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Right in the back yard

I was sitting outside with my 2 year old daughter, Ashlynn, when out of nowhere this hawk comes and sits on the gazebo. I turn to look at what my daughter

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Port Dover, Ontario

Port Dover is located in Norfolk County and is on the shore of Lake Erie at the mouth of the Lynn River. This quaint resort town has experienced great growth in last few years and now has a population of around 6,000 people.

Port Dover Pier

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Weird day in the hammer

Today I found a dead possum on a walk with my dog. That's not too uncommon as I live near the train tracks. But while walking near Bayfront Park I

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Can you identify this Bird of Prey?

One of our readers sent this picture and said ... walking in a suburban creek side park, south of downtown Brampton, Ontario on November 10th around noon, I saw the Hawk in a smaller tree, surrounded by cut grass, near the walking path ...

Bird of prey seen in Brampton, Ontario

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London, Ontario, is a great place to live!

Why London Ontario is a great place to live, submitted by one of our readers - thank you Philip Pasma.

A diverse and growing downtown core provides a multitude of restaurants and bars that are both family and nightlife friendly. A wide assortment of eateries ensures that whatever your tastes may be, London has something to satisfy ...

London Ontario is a great place to live

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Goldfinch in the Sun

American Goldfinch - this beautiful photograph was sent to us by one of our readers from St Catharines, Ontario.

Goldfinch in the sun by Margaret Imre

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Cedar Waxwings

The Cedar Waxwings are native to North and Central America as well as the northern part of South America...

Cedar Waxwings, their life in Canada

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Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary

Because of his efforts to conserve Geese and Ducks, and provide a place of refuge and safety for migrating water-birds, and his efforts to band and track the migratory paths of waterfowl across North America, we know so much more about these birds today than in earlier generations.

Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary

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Wolves in Ottawa

Several of our readers wrote to tell us about their Wolf sightings in Ottawa January 28th, at 4:30 am Connaught Ave a Wolf running down the street. Couldn't

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Grand Bend, Ontario

During most of the year the town of Grand Bend, located on Lake Huron, has a population of around 2,000 people, however during the summer months the town becomes a magnet for holiday makers and attracts 50,000 or so visitors.

Grand Bend sunset, Ontario's west coast

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Missing baby Robins

I have a nest at my upstairs window sill and a Robin had laid 3 eggs. I watched from inside my home as the eggs hatched and lo and behold, three little

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Are you looking for country home ...

This beautiful property near St Thomas is just 10 minutes from highway 401, 20 minutes from London, Ontario, and only 6 minutes to downtown St Thomas, yet it enjoys a quiet country location and 2,500 sq feet of house!

Executive Home for Sale, 42815 Beck Line, St Thomas

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The majestic Bald Eagle has made a comeback in Ontario

Protective legislation was introduced in 1890 and the Bald Eagle Act in 1940 and these helped to set the stage for a recovery in their population. The use of the pesticide DDT and pollution by PCB's almost led to the extinction of these beautiful birds, and in 1980 there were almost no chicks surviving in the three remaining active nests along the Lake Erie shore in Southern Ontario.

Bald Eagles, their life in Canada

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My Passion for this website!

There is hardly a day where I don't use the internet to find a website to find information, much like you may have done to find this website. Do you want to know how easy it has been to build this successful website ...

Building a website with SBI

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This Turtle was hit by a car

At this time of year the Turtles are finding their way to higher ground to lay their eggs, and sometimes they are injured by cars ...

Map Turtle hit by a car

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Falcons are awesome!

Tammy, from London, Ontario, sent us her great shots of a bird of prey ...

Ontario Falcons

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Can you "name that bird?"

Tawny, one of our readers from Brantford, Ontario, sent us these pictures of birds that she has seen and would like help to identify ...

Cedar Waxwing

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Backyard birds of Ontario

Bird Watching is a fascinating hobby, enjoyed by young and old alike, and all that is required is a quiet spot to observe the birds and a pair of binoculars and a Bird book, such as the Peterson Guide or other field guide to help you identify the birds you see.

Attracting wild birds to your garden or back yard can also be interesting when you choose which plants and shrubs attract various birds.

Backyard Birds in Ontario

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Seen in Oshawa - is this a Falcon or a Hawk?

Seen by Jakkie in Oshawa, Ontario - if you can identify this bird of prey, please let us know.

Falcon or Hawk in Oshawa

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Summer fun at the African Lion Safari

Located near Rockton, Ontario, the African Lion Safari has always been an annual excursion for our family, especially when we have visitors from Europe staying with us. The African Lion Safari park is about an hour from Toronto and from London, half an hour from Hamilton and Kitchener, so it is easily accessible from the east or west.

African Lion Safari - elephants

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Pittock Conservation Area

Pittock Conservation Area, located near Woodstock, Ontario, is administered by the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority and has 820 hectares of land, and around 70,000 people enjoy visiting there annually.

Pittock Conservation Area camping

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Short Eared Owl

The Short-eared Owl is a medium-sized bird, secretive by nature and as such, difficult to observe. They belong to the genus "Aseo" or "Eared Owls", although the ear tufts may or may not be visible on any particular individual, only showing them when on the defense.

Short Eared owl

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The Beaver - a symbol of Canada!

Beavers build their dams in rivers and streams which form ponds where these industrious creatures build their lodges. Their lodges are accessible from below the water level and are their home and, like the dams, are made of sticks, twigs and mud.

Canadian Beaver

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The beautiful Blue Jay

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Red Tailed Hawk