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We are currently receiving many submissions to our website and have quite a backlog. Your chances of being published quickly are greater if you are able to include a picture with your animal sighting report.

What are these birds?

I am trying to find out the name of the birds that flock together on the side of the road in the winter time. Lots of people call them snow birds but I do not think that is what they are.

Ontario wild birds in Canada

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Ontario Wild Birds

Birdwatching has been a long-time hobby of mine, and this area of Ontario is rich with bird life - from the fleeting glimpses of Hummingbirds in the Summer, to the arrival of the graceful Tundra Swans each Spring, the birds of this area are well worth watching.

Ontario wild birds in Canada

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The Canada Goose

It is said that these birds mate for life, but I have heard that when one of the pair dies or is killed, the other bird will choose another mate the following year. The geese often return to the same nesting spot, year after year, sometimes even to where they themselves were hatched!

Mother Canadian Goose with goslings in Canada

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Ontario Snowmobiling

When you consider that your snowmobile can take you to places that are inaccessible by any other means of transport, it is vital that you make sure that you have the correct clothing, an up-to-date trail map, and enough fuel for your destination and to reach home safely.

Winter snowmobiling in Canada

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The Nuthatch

These small, agile, birds prefer to live in woodland however, a few species have adapted to rocky habitats, and we often see them at our bird-feeder in the garden, especially in the winter time and at the moment they are frequent visitors to our birdfeeders ...

Winter Nuthatches in Canada

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Mystery Bird in my Backyard

Lona from Renfrew said ... I haven't seen this bird at my feeders before.

unknown Ontario bird

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The Ontario Police College, Aylmer, Ontario

The Ontario Police College is located to the north-east of the town of Aylmer, on Hacienda Road, and is where the majority of Police training in the Province of Ontario takes place.

Ontario Police College, Aylmer, Canada

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Please take part in this Coyote Survey?

We have recently been approached by Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, who are conducting a study on Coyote activity in Eastern Ontario, and the Kingston area in particular. If you have seen Coyotes and would like to participate in this study, please complete this form and your experience will be included in the study. Thank you.

Coyote in Ontario

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The Aurora Borealis

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are sometimes seen in the northern hemisphere, including here in Southern Ontario.

Winter Northern Lights in Canada

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Birds eye view.

We have snowy owls that grace us with their presence every winter on our farm. It makes me happy to see them return every year. They are so beautiful

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Mystery Owl in Newcastle, Ontario

One of our readers sent us these charming pictures of an Owl, spotted in Newcastle.

unknown bird found in Ontario

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Bird of Prey chases Fox!

Randy from Tillsonburg wrote to tell us about his sighting of a fox being chased by a raptor ...

Raptor chasing fox on beach

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Unknown Bird of Prey

One of our readers sent this picture of a raptor ... can anyone identify this bird?

unknown bird of prey in Ontario

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Snowmobiling near Wiarton

One of our readers wrote ... several years ago, my mother came to Canada to visit me and my family, for Christmas. During the three weeks she was here, my husband thought it would be a good idea to take her out to see what Snowmobiling was all about ...

Winter scenery in Ontario

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More Wolf Sightings

Several of our readers have written to tell us about their sightings of Wolves in Ontario ...

Winter scenery in Ontario

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Kitchener Possum

Dennis from Kitchener, Ontario, spotted a Possum in his backyard ...

Winter scenery in Ontario

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Can you Name this Bird?

One of our readers from Niagara Falls sent us this picture ... can you name this bird?

unknown bird found in Ontario

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Wolf seen in North Grenville

Pierre from Kemptville wrote to report ...

Winter wolf print in Ontario Canada

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The Great Horned Owl

In this area, Great Horned Owls nest in trees, both deciduous and coniferous, often in mixed forests and sometimes in urban areas.

Winter Cardinal in Ontario Canada

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White Tailed Deer

White Tailed Deer are abundant in southern Ontario and there are collisions between deer and cars every day on our highways and roads - please use caution at dawn and dusk when you're driving!

Winter white tailed deer in Ontario Canada

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The Cardinal

The shy Cardinal is found in and around woodland, brushy swamps, gardens and hedgerows, and can be found across the eastern USA, from the southern parts of Canada, south to the Gulf Coast and west to Arizona and parts of Southern California. The photograph on this page is reproduced by kind permission of Mary A Wilson

Winter Cardinal in Ontario Canada

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The Amish in Ontario

When I first came to live in Ontario, I saw groups of people in St Jacobs, Elmira and Aylmer, who dressed in a plain, old fashioned way, and who drove horse & buggies - when I asked who they were, I was told ...

Amish horse and buggy in Ontario Canada

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Possum Reports

From Windsor to Ottawa, several of our readers have written to report their sightings of Opossums ...

Possums are everywhere

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The Charming Chickadee

The cheerful Chickadee with it's clear call of "Chicka-dee-dee-dee" is easy to spot, as this little bird is not shy and is easily enticed to the back yard bird feeder. We see them in our garden in both Summer and Winter as these birds are non-migratory and stay in this area all year long.

Winter Chickadee being hand fed in Ontario Canada

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Wolf or Coywolf Sightings

I always thought that Wolves lived in the uninhabited parts of northern Ontario, and that Coyotes lived tolerated human habitation in the south, but there are Wolf-Coyote hybrids, which are known as Coywolves, throughout southern Ontario. Our readers have sent us these reports of Wolf or Coywolf sightings ...

Black Winter Wolf in Canada

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The Blue Jay

This is an unmistakable bird, both for its beautiful, bright plumage and for its noisy raucous call. These birds stay in Ontario all winter and don't migrate south. The male and female birds are of similar size, although the female is slightly smaller and both birds have a crest.

The beautiful Blue Jay with bright plumage and crest

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Snowy Owl

In February, this reader sent us these beautiful pictures of a Snowy Owl ... my apologies for the long delay in publishing this. I live in Woolwich Township.

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Wolf Sightings across Ontario

These are reports that people sent us back in 2017 but they are still interesting ...

Wolves in Canada

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Bayfield, Ontario

Located on the shore of Lake Huron,the village of Bayfield is in the Municipality of Bluewater, Ontario, and is just 20 kilometres south of Goderich on highway 21

Bayfield Ontario Christmas

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Bald Eagle on Earth Day, April 22, 2019

I had no idea that Bald Eagles were in this area until I thought I saw one the other day east of Thamesville. I spotted this large nest, visible from

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Snowmobiling - popular winter activity in Ontario, Skidoo, Arctic Cat

Snowmobiling a great winter pastime - driver training, info and links to OFSC, winter is coming, Polaris ...

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Christmas in Canada, Winter Wonderland of snow, enjoy a Canadian Yule

Traditional Christmas in Canada - Snow & Santa, snowmobile time, cards & gifts, trim the tree and decorate the house Noël bonne

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The smallest hummer I have ever seen!

We were weeding our garden today and while we were taking a break the smallest little bird flew in and roosted on a dead branch. I had no idea what

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Visit the Stones 'n Bones Museum

We recently returned to the museum with two of our grandchildren and we all loved the displays of exotic Butterflies and Insects from around the world ... this is a great place to take your children or grandchildren this summer!

Stones n Bones museum, Sarnia

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Visiting Iceland - a trip to remember!

This is Barb, webmistress of this website Discover Southern Ontario. My youngest daughter and I went on vacation and this is my blog about our visit to Iceland which is an amazing, breathtaking country ...

Winter scene and waterfall in Iceland

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Bobcat in Tiny township

Picture from deer cam, November 2017. Thanks for your picture, it sure looks like a Bobcat!

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Winter is coming ...

Whether you love snow or hate the cold weather, winter is on its way! Check out the winter season here in southern Ontario ...

Winter scenery in Ontario

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Bald Eagles in Southern Ontario

David Turner wrote to say ... I am a municipal bus driver in Oakville, Ontario and although not a bird enthusiast, I know a Bald Eagle when I see one and

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Immature Bald Eagle in North Ajax

Spotted at dusk perched up on a tree facing east. I was on my home from work going South on Westney Road when I noticed this bird. This was September

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Around these parts, Raccoons rule the night. Last night though, I had a different critter walk into my live catch trap. It's the first one I have seen

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Just had one in our yard

Saw our first Possum in 5 years of living in Waterloo. We are at the most northern part of Waterloo near Erbsville. Possum seen at twilight May 3rd

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Georgetown Ontario

Have spotted this lone Opossum on numerous occasions in our and neighbor's backyards. Thanks for the Possum picture, and my apologies for the delay in

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Possum sighted in Don Mills

Sighted a Possum strolling past the patio door last Saturday. No time for a photo, but the next day I did take a picture of very distinctive track marks

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Early Coyote Sightings of 2019

These readers wrote to tell us about their sightings of Coyotes ...

Coyote in the snow in Ontario

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Need help identifying in Hamilton, Ontario

I see these two almost every day at work on my lunch break. There are a few large old trees they seem to perch in and there is an empty field right behind

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Eagles in Milton Ontario

When I lived in Milton, big birds of prey are seen often like various hawks and Turkey Vultures are plentiful. This bugger tried to take my Yorkie but

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Unknown bird

This huge bird of prey swooped down to have a sleep on a branch in our backyard in Barrie. Would like to know what kind of bird it is.

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An Abundance of Possums

Possum sightings are pouring in, here are some more from across southern Ontario ...

Possum sightings in Ontario

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Port Dover, Ontario

Port Dover is located in Norfolk County and is on the shore of Lake Erie at the mouth of the Lynn River. The last Friday the 13th Motorcycle gathering was in September 2019.

Port Dover Pier

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The beautiful Blue Jay

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Red Tailed Hawk