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Snowy Owl likes to shop at the new Costco in Grimsby

Though I shot these a few weeks ago, he was back there last night - March 9th 2018 around 18 18:30. There is still a lot of open field around the new

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Owl in the Barn

We entered our barn to milk the cows for the evening and found this owl sitting on top of the door. He let us approach him and take close up photos.

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Swans Sighted Yesterday

On February 27th Linda from Paris reported ... I saw five Tundra Swans on Barringer lake yesterday. On February 28th around 9:00 am, Raymond reported

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Snowy Owl on Fifty Road

I saw a Snowy Owl, all white, on top of an L.E.D. street light pole, which I actually put up and installed. It was just sitting up there over the bridge

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I saw a mature Bald Eagle and I believe an immature Bald Eagle about 3 km South East of Southampton, Ontario, where Bruce Rd. 3 crosses the Saugeen.

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I've seen about 60 so far!

It was approximately 7 pm Wednesday February 28. I was standing outside a Starbucks and heard them coming. At first I thought they were Canada Geese

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Could this be a Lynx?

One of our readers sent us this picture of paw prints in the snow ... what do you think this was?

animal prints in the snow

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The Tundra Swans are back!

We have had several reports this week of the return of the Tundra Swans to Southern Ontario. The swans are on their way to their breeding grounds in the Arctic, and stop over here for a few days to feed and rest.

Turndra Swans returning to Ontario

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Two Eagles in one tree

After leaving our cabin in Wilno, Ontario, along highway 60 heading east just before Eaganville, my wife and I spotted not one, but two Eagles in one tree.

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Cooper's Hawk near bird feeder

We have birds at our feeder all day in Dundas, Ontario, but I haven't seen this guy before ... and he frightened away all of the other birds. He sat

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I spotted this big guy just east of Peterborough, Ontario, on February 10th, 2018. The animal was larger than a Coyote, but displayed similar marking

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Snowy Owl at Dr Davey School

As we started our school day, we heard many students amazed at seeing a male Snowy Owl on our school roof. Of course we needed to take pictures and learn

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February 2nd ... Groundhog day in Wiarton!

Groundhog Day is coming up! The Canadian predictor of Spring, Wiarton Willie, will let us know on February 2nd, whether we should expect six more weeks of winter ...

Wiarton Willie Festival Feb 2nd

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Snowmobiling - enjoying the best of winter!

Winter is my favourite season, and Snowmobiling is my favourite activity in winter!

Snowmobiling in Ontario

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Hawk in January

This hawk was observed on January 14th, on the fence between my yard and our neighbours. The hawk was about 5 metres from the patio door when I shot this picture. It was eating some small animal - a squirrel or chipmunk ...

Hawk in January in Ottawa

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Snowmobiling near Wiarton

One of our readers wrote ... Several years ago, my mother came to Canada to visit me and my family, for Christmas. During the three weeks she was here, my husband thought it would be a good idea to take her out to see what Snowmobiling was all about.

Snowmobile trail in Ontario

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The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, can be seen in the northern hemisphere, including here in Southern Ontario. These mysterious lights have always fascinated me and on the occasions that I have observed them, the sight has ...

Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights

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Two Wolves

We've heard howling and yipping for over 6 months in the late evening or early hours of the morning, but previously always in the distance, this was up close! We both got out of bed to look and there in the full moonlight and white snow background sat a large animal, about the size of a large Alsatian dog, tall long legs and a huge long brush tail.

Two Ontario Wolves

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Stones 'N Bones Museum, Sarnia, Ontario

The Stones 'N Bones Museum in Sarnia is an amazing place for young and old!

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The Beavers Have Taken Over

We have a creek called Fletcher's Creek here in North West Brampton that currently has a very large Beaver dam built across it. The dam is now at minimum

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Backyard Kill

3:00 pm January 6 Southeast Oakville, Ontario backyard. We watched a bird of prey consume a Mourning Dove. The kill took place at our backyard bird-feeder,

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Cobourg Wolves

Every night I hear coyotes howling, sometimes fighting with each other, which is a sign of high population, if the coyotes are fighting for territory.

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Possum in Oshawa

We had a possum walk across our fence today. We have never seen one here before.

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North Waterloo near St Jacobs

Catching a possum was not expected! We let it go free in a safe place and hope it will live happily ever after.

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Possum in Aurora

I opened my side door to see a Possum sitting next to the step.

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Cooper's Hawk or Sharp-shinned Hawk?

This guy visited the backyard presumably after spotting sparrows at my feeders. Not sure if it is a Cooper's or Sharp-shinned Hawk. Does anyone know?

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Opossum in Lakefield (north of Peterborough)

I found an Opossum caught in a trap set by our neighbour to get some raccoons. This was in Lakefield, north of Peterborough, Ontario. Thank you for

Continue reading "Opossum in Lakefield (north of Peterborough)"

Barrie, Ontario Possum

I saw a huge possum slowly walk along the fence in our backyard. My dogs must have really scared it as it completely froze.

Continue reading "Barrie, Ontario Possum"

Even More Possums

Through October and November we received lots of Possum sighting reports ... D Telfer London Ontario Canada said ... I saw one the other night in my neighbour's

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Unknown Bird of Prey?

Seen July 6 around Yonge and Bloor in Toronto adjacent to the Rosedale Valley ravine. It was calling frequently, a high pitched soft sound, not harsh.

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Need help identifying

I was walking along the Rouge off off the trail at Morningside and came across two large raptors. One of them had landed and I was able to get a photo

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Golden Eagle Waterloo

I caught these pictures on my game camera near Erbsville, Ontario. I personally believe it is a Golden Eagle. Most of my night-time pics are deer, coyotes

Continue reading "Golden Eagle Waterloo"

Great Horned Owl in Kitchener

Helloo ho hoo hoo! I have a Great Horned Owl living in the backyard within city limits. We have incredibly tall trees which are frequented by Crows

Continue reading "Great Horned Owl in Kitchener"

Many Coyotes in ravine

My name is Carole I live in Thornhill, Ontario. We have a ravine at the back of our property and every evening around 12:00 pm we hear barking followed

Continue reading "Many Coyotes in ravine"

What type of bird was visiting Brampton?

This large bird was on a rooftop in Brampton, Ontario. I'm not sure if it was a Turkey Vulture. It shows white head with a wingspan of about 6-8 feet.

Continue reading "What type of bird was visiting Brampton?"

Migrating Turkey Vultures

I observed 27 large Vultures moving slowly and silently in early September (I believe) last year. I live on the top floor (24th) of an apartment building

Continue reading "Migrating Turkey Vultures"

Soaring overhead in January

I live southwest of Peterborough Ontario out in the country. Today as I was outside in minus 11 degree weather checking the bird feeder, I looked up

Continue reading "Soaring overhead in January"

Snowy Owl

Driving home from work I stopped to get a picture of a hawk. After it flew away I spotted this Snowy Owl two hydro poles further up the road. It was

Continue reading "Snowy Owl"


I'm visiting London Ontario from the UK Ospreys are only slowly re-establishing themselves in the north of England and are still a rare sight. Imagine

Continue reading "Osprey"

Winter Possums of Ontario

Several of our readers have written to us to tell us about their Possum encounters - here are a selection of them! Frank from Oshawa wrote to say .....

Continue reading "Winter Possums of Ontario"

Red Tailed Hawk

One of our readers from London, Ontario, sent us this report of a Hawk sighting - This little Red Tailed Hawk unfortunately hurt one of its wings whilst

Continue reading "Red Tailed Hawk"

Kestrels near London, Ontario

One of our readers sent us this report of her sighting today - When my mother and I were driving south of London today, we saw two Kestrels on the telephone

Continue reading "Kestrels near London, Ontario"

Wandering Wolves

One of our readers from Newmarket says ... A Wolf spotted in Newmarket?  I swear a wolf was just in my yard. My dog and I were up on our deck and she was

Continue reading "Wandering Wolves "

Possum in North York -

Sitting out in the back yard around 7:00 in the morning October 7, 2017, having a cigarette, and a possum strolls by no more than 5 feet away from me on

Continue reading "Possum in North York - "

Extreme cold weather killed Possum

I found a Possum frozen to the driveway under my car. I don`t know when it moved under the car because I didn't use the car for a few days during Christmas

Continue reading "Extreme cold weather killed Possum"

Bald Eagles on the St Clair River

Nice to see the comeback of The Bald Eagle right here in my own neighbourhood in Corunna, Ontario. Most mornings you can watch them feeding right in front

Continue reading "Bald Eagles on the St Clair River"

Bells Corners Sighting

I was cycling on the trail between Hanel and the 417 around 6:30 this morning when, what I initially took to be a Coyote because I hear them often enough,

Continue reading "Bells Corners Sighting"

White Squirrel

White Squirrel sighted in Trenton, Ontario, in September 2011.

Continue reading "White Squirrel"

Turkeys Galore at the farm

I am located 1 hour north west of Toronto Canada in farming community. I have observed the Vultures, five of them all summer. They would rest on barn

Continue reading "Turkeys Galore at the farm"

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