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We are currently receiving many submissions to our website and have quite a backlog. I have just undergone open heart surgery and it will take some time for me to work my way through all our new 700+ submissions.

Long-eared Ows spend Winter by York University

The Owl was accompanied by its partner (presumably a male and female) and became residents of the small patchy forested areas adjacent to York University. On successive Night-birding outings throughout the winter the pair could readily be found hunting around the same territory, usually perched stoically on branches and street signs watching for movement.

Long-eared Owls in Ontario

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My wife, granddaughter and I had a sick fox living at the bottom our property in Napanee, the poor thing was suffering from mange.

The fox in Ontario suffering from mange

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The Peregrine Falcon

The Peregrine's range extends from the Arctic to the Tropics, and that includes Southern Ontario, where they are found in towns and cities where they take advantage of tall buildings such as apartment blocks to build their nests. From their high vantage point they can often catch an unaware pigeon of duck and around the world these birds are used in Falconry and are trained to hunt small game.

The amazing Peregrine Falcon in Ontario

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The Raccoon of Ontario

Raccoons are common in this part of Southern Ontario and we often see them during the early evening and at night when driving along both rural roads and city streets. They are thriving both in the country and in urban areas, where they have made the adaptations to city life.

Trash panda the raccoon in Ontario

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Winter Wolves

During the past few weeks we have received a dozen sightings of Wolves or Coywolves from around Southern Ontario. Here they are - they make interesting reading!

Wolves of Winter in Ontario

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Bird's Eye View

One of our readers wrote to tell us about their Snowy Owl sighting ...

Wallaceburg snowy owl

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Bald Eagle family in Waterloo

I have been a volunteer wildlife photographer with the liaison group for the ESL since 2009. This is a first time to have a pair of nesting Bald Eagles in 2020 here.

young bald eagle in Ontario

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What kind of Owl is this?

My husband found this young guy in the field trying to fly and not sure his type of owl.

What kind of owl is this, mystery owl

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Wolves Everywhere!

Over the past few months we have received reports of Wolf sightings from our readers ...

Wolves everywhere in Ontario

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The Canada Goose

Many of the Canada Geese here in Ontario, fly south for the winter, but there are some who stay around open water for the whole winter ...

Canada Geese flying south for the winter

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Bald Eagle in Nanticoke

I was driving my taxi near the refinery in Nanticoke, when I spotted this eagle flying overhead. I asked my fare if he had ever seen a North American Eagle? No he replied! Look up I said just as the bird swooped across my windshield! I hit the brakes ...

Bald Eagle in Nanticoke

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Owl sighted in north Richmond Hill

This owl had hit the window over my front door and was perched on the roof overhang. I was concerned that it was injured and prepared to call on the OWL Foundation to perform a rescue. Fortunately, after opening a nearby window it flew off.

Owl sighted in Richmond Hill, Ontario

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Backyard Birds of Ontario

Attracting wild birds to your garden or back yard bird feeder can also be interesting when you choose which plants and shrubs attract various birds.

Backyard birds of Ontario

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Owl spotted in Ajax Ontario

Tracey's Dad saw and photographed this handsome owl ...

Owl spotted in Ajax

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Downtown Beaver in Toronto

One of our readers wrote ... I live in the middle of a big, busy city (Toronto) and I crave wilderness. I found a magical spot in the middle of the city (a reclaimed 100 year old quarry) called "Evergreen Brickworks". I have submitted a story and a few pics of this special place in the heart of Toronto in an earlier submission if you care to look it up.

Evidence of beavers in downtown Toronto

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Native Art of Canada

Artists in any country, whether in the Old World, or the New World, have for millennia used the elements available to them in Nature, as inspiration and as the medium for their art, and our First Nations Artists are no exception.

Native Canadian art

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Peacock in Mulmur

We went for a country drive to get out of the house during this Covid19 isolation time with our Turkey-hunting family. What a surprise when this beautiful bird came out of the bush, crossed to road, and disappeared into the cedar bush again!

The beautiful Peacock in Ontario

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Coyotes around Ontario

Several of our readers have written to us to report their sightings of Coyotes - from Chatham to Newmarket, Caledon to Oshawa!

Coyotes in Ontario

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The Northern Lights

These ethereal lights have always fascinated me and on the occasions that I have observed them, the sight has filled me with awe. When I first saw the "Lights" I was living in Timmins in Northern Ontario but I have seen them in the London area ...

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis

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Winter in Ontario

In Ontario we enjoy long, hot summers, pretty springs, breath-taking falls, but my favourite season is winter!

Winter forest in Ontario

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The Snowy Owl

The Snowy Owl lacks the feathery tufts which characterize many species of Owls, and only has slight evidence of them. The beak is black and is perfectly designed to capture and eat the small mammals which are this birds main food - each bird consumes around 8 - 10 small rodents daily!

Ontario Snowy Owl

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The Osprey

Although these raptors have left this area for the winter, the Osprey will be back here to nest in Spring. Sometimes known as the Fish Hawk, fish make up 99% of their diet and it is unique among raptors as it is the only North American bird whose diet is exclusively fish and its ability to dive into water to catch them.

Osprey in Ontario

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Indigo Buntings

If you observe this vibrant blue bird, then you are seeing a male, because the females are a much drabber brown, as are the males when it is not the breeding season - his distinctive blue plumage is to attract a mate.

Indigo Bunting in Ontario

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An Owl crashed their BBQ

This little owl dropped by our Saturday evening BBQ in Cabbagetown. It sat on a low branch initially then moved up into the tree but continued to observe us.

The Owl that crashed a BBQ in Cabbagetown

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Owl sighting, not sure what kind they are

I've rented a cottage just outside Goderich near Port Albert, had heard them a couple nights in a row but had no idea what I was hearing until we were

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One spotted in North Oshawa

Looking out into our back yard this morning, December 13, we saw an opossum walking through our yard and looked up this site.

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Snowmobiling in Ontario

Before leaving our starting point we have a checklist that we follow to ensure our safety. Weather conditions in Winter can change quickly, so you need to be prepared before you leave home. You should always make sure that you let someone know where you are going and approximately what time you will be returning.

Snowmobile in Ontario

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The beautiful but noisy, Bluejay

This is an unmistakable bird, both for its beautiful, bright plumage and for its noisy raucous call. These birds enjoy a wide variety of food and are opportunistic in their approach to their diet - fruits, insects, grains, and acorns. Sunflower seeds and Peanuts are especially popular at our bird-feeders.

Blue Jays in Ontario

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The Cardinal

In Canada, one the most distinctly plumed red birds is the Cardinal. Of all the birds in Ontario, this brilliantly coloured bird is so spectacular that it is almost unmistakable. This is one of our non-migratory species so it is around the bird-feeders all year long, and shows up so well against the snow, in the winter time.

The beautiful Cardinal in Ontario during winter

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A Canadian Christmas!

Winter arrives in Southern Ontario, in early to mid-December, which is often when we receive a fore-taste of what winter has in store for us, in the form of a blizzard or ice-storm!

Christmas tree in Canada

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Ontario Animals

When I first arrived here in Ontario from England in the 1970's, a neighbour of mine told me that she had Groundhogs in her vegetable garden. I had never seen one and envisioned a huge, pig-like animal roaming through the neighbourhood gardens, snorting and eating everything in sight! Imagine my delight when I saw my first Groundhog! I love seeing the White Tailed Deer, the Squirrels and the Chipmunks that are common where I live ...

The Lynx in Ontario

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Nuthatches, the acrobats of the bird-feeder

Nuthatches, Whitebreasted and Red-breasted birds of the northern forest, found across Southern Ontario ...

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Dalewood Conservation Area, St Thomas - Camping, Hiking, canoeing

Dalewood, located just just to the north of St Thomas, Dalewood Conservation Area is a great place to get away from it all!

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Coyotes in Ontario

Some people consider them to be a nuisance and have tried to trap and relocate them, however they are extremely intelligent and almost impossible to live trap. Ontario Provincial legislation prohibits the relocation of wildlife from their home territories; therefore, trapped animals must be released in the same area ...

The Coyote in Ontario

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Ontario Birds of Prey

Bird Watching is a fascinating hobby, and many birds of prey migrate through this area in the Autumn on their way to their southern wintering grounds. Others are year-round residents in Southern Ontario.

Birds of Prey, raptors and vultures in Ontario

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Ontario Big Cats

Ontario is known to have populations of big cats, Lynx and Bobcat, and the occasional Cougar being sighted, but none of these animals should be seen in the wild in Southern Ontario. Having said that, we have had numerous reports from across the province, of sightings of big cats.

The Lynx in Ontario

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I'm not exactly sure when the Deer and Moose hunting season ends, but if you have some venison, here are a couple of recipes for you ...

Venison from Ontario

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Owls of Southern Ontario - the silent hunters of the night

Owls in Southern Ontario - Great Horned, Short Eared, Screech Owl, Great Grey, Hiboux

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Owl sighting

While hiking on a hot day in the cool forest at North Walker Woods, just south of Uxbridge, Ontario, I noticed what looked like a large paper wasp nest

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Bald Eagle In Port Colbourne Harbour with prey - Video

Sitting on ice with prey then flying off! Magnificent view!! Thank you for sending us your picture!

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Opossum in Lakefield, Ontario

Lori from Lakefield, Ontario sent us this picture of a Possum ...

Possum, Albino Rat in Lakefield, Ontario

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The cute and adorable Chipmunk

These are great animals to watch - they are so charming that many campers and hikers see them in the woods and are enchanted by their small size, their boldness and their apparent busyness.

The Chipmunk in Ontario

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3 Peahens and A Baby!

Seen crossing the road in Mildmay, Grey-Bruce county Ontario (with pictures!) Thank you for sending us your great picture of these peafowl.

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The Village of Sparta

Sparta Ontario - this pretty, historic village was founded by a group of Pennsylvania Quakers who settled here in 1822, led by Josiah Doan. The descendants of those early settlers still live in the area today. My hubby and I first discovered the village of Sparta Ontario one afternoon in the 1980's, when we were out for a ride on our motor-cycle - we were young and reckless!

Sparta Ontario

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Wolf or Coywolf sightings

Readers from Guelph, Barrie, Mt Albert, The Kawarthas, Pickering and Winona have written to tell us about their sightings ...

Wolves or Coywolves across Ontario

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Wolves in eastern Ontario

One of our readers from Eastern Ontario, sends us this report - Once while driving on Hwy 17 between Hawkesbury and the 417, I saw a Wolf waiting to cross the highway, it was standing beside the road shortly after dusk ...

The Wolf in Eastern Ontario

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Could this be a Barred Owl?

Terry Nieuwstraten from Whitby, Ontario, sent us this great picture of an owl ...

Mystery owl in Ontario perhaps a Barred Owl

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Kingsville, Ontario

The pretty town of Kingsville is located right on the north shore of Lake Erie and is well known for its mild weather, world-famous Jack Miner's Bird Sanctuary , and for Colasanti's Tropical Gardens. To other people, this small town is known as the most southerly town in mainland Canada.

The town of Kingsville Ontario

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Bald Eagle eating a Deer

On our drive from Halliburton into Toronto on March 4th, 2020 we spotted a Bald Eagle eating a Deer on the side of Highway 35, close to Silver Lake.

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The beautiful Blue Jay

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Red Tailed Hawk