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Are you looking for a home in the St Thomas area?

Houses across Ontario vary in price according to size, age and community - John Knowles is a realtor in the St Thomas - London area and will help you find the house of your dreams! Look at these beauties ...

House for Sale - 46 Barwick St, St Thomas

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The Red Tailed Hawk

Read about this raptor of Southern Ontario, and the reports of our readers who have sighted this beautiful bird of prey ...

Red Tailed Hawk

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Brantford, Ontario, my first Canadian home ...

I have a special place in my heart for this city as it was my first home when we emigrated to Canada in 1977, and I thought it was a beautiful here. This is where we made our first Canadian friends, and this is where we spent our first Canadian Christmas.

Brantford, Bell Homestead

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The Osprey

The Osprey is found throughout the world, and is often seen in Southern Ontario, especially during their fall migration when many pass near Hawk Cliff, south of St Thomas. Sometimes known as the Fish Hawk, fish make up 99% of their diet.

Osprey in flight

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Links to other fascinating places to visit world wide

Check out the other fascinating places around the world

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Check out our Birdwatching books on Amazon

Bird Watching is a fascinating hobby, enjoyed by young and old alike, and all that is required is a quiet spot to observe the birds and a pair of binoculars and a Bird book, such as the Peterson Guide or other field guide to help you identify the birds you see.

Bird Watching books

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The Canada Geese are nesting right now

I have noticed several pairs of Canada Geese which live locally, which have paired up and built their nests. If you come across them at the park or golf course, please make sure not to disturb their nest as they can become aggressive and will attack if they feel they or their young, are threatened.

Canada Geese

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A new and exciting business in London, Ontario

Sometimes, we meet people who impress and inspire us - we recently met Kelvin and Annie, a young couple who are building a successful business in London, Ontario. They have fresh, creative and innovative ideas to help you purchase a home. Check out their rent-to-own plan ...

Jade Royale House

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The Skunk, common in Southern Ontario - no ones favourite animal!

The Skunk has black & white markings as a warning to stay away, they can spray people and pets and the odor is difficult to remover, trapping them is no easy task either .....

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The Turkey Vultures are back in the area

Some of the sure signs of Spring in this area are the return of the Robins, Red Winged Blackbirds, the migrating Tundra Swans, and also the sighting of Turkey Vultures. This past week, I spotted them near St Thomas, Cayuga, Fonthill and Tillsonburg.

Turkey Vulture in flight

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Spring in Ontario, Maple Syrup, Apple Blossom, birds return, how we love Spring!

Spring in Ontario, London Ontario weather in March, April & May, making maple syrup during Spring in Ontario, days are longer and warmer, migrating birds return to the area ...

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Sunnybrook Apartment in friendly St Thomas, Ontario, close to beaches, shopping

Sunnybrook Apartment, self contained Garden-level guest suite, fun holiday for whole family! River for fishing, use of swimming pool, hot-tub, 2 bedrooms, fully equipped

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3 Snowy's in a row!

I had my first sighting of a Snowy Owl March 5, 2017 and it was very impressive. It made my day. I was driving on Highway 86 just south of the Town

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Doug Cooke said ... I saw my first Robin today March 10, but 2 days ago about 100 Swans in the field on county road 12 in Laurel, Ontario, and counted

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Huron County south western Ontario

Seen a full grown Cougar - main hwy 8 towards Goderich, in spring 2016. I saw it jump from from side of middle of road into ditch in one leap. It had

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Possum sighting in Hemmingford, Quebec

I am delivering mail this week in Hemmingford (Quebec) and on my route I noticed yesterday, February 8, 2017, a dead animal across the street and on

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Small Hawk near Lake Ontario in Oshawa

Saw this little fellow in the open, but high in a tree quite close to a subdivision. He/She is pretty but I don't know what species it is. Thanks

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Fall Possums in Ontario

Paul from Caladon East, Ontario, wrote to report ... I spotted a Possum wandering my back yard at around 8:30 pm, when my security light was activated.

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Possums of Autumn

Last August Shane Ronald from Etobicoke wrote to say ... a Possum was on our fence at 11:30 pm and my dog was going crazy growling and barking, so now

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Possum over-wintering in Grimsby

A Male Virginia Opossum has been over-wintering in our neighbour's back yard debris. Although he is leaving tracks in our yard near the base of the bird

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Toronto possum on King Street East

I arrived shortly after midnight on February 24, 2017. This fat little guy was in the shrubs at my doorstep, I had to look him up to identify him.

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Brampton, Ontario - large adult possum, multiple sightings

Sighted a Possum in the back yard around 8 am on January 11, 2017, in Brampton, Ontario (North Park Drive and Nuttall Street area). The sighting was

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Is this a possum?

I live in Oakville, Ontario and was preparing the breakfast a couple of days ago and an animal like a rat was in my backyard. I seems to be a rat, but

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The Robins returned early!

Several of our readers have written to us to comment on the early return of the Robins this year ... Cindy Williams from Guelph, Ontario wrote to say

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Robins found our pond in a snow storm!

On a snowy Sunday February 12th morning, a flock of Robins discovered our backyard pond. A sure sign of Spring! Thanks for letting us know - I

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Robins in a Snowstorm

This is the first year I have seen Robins in the winter and they are feasting on our ornamental crab-apple tree. It is quite the blizzard as it is

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February 15th Robins in Stoney Creek

Walking to school my son took this photo today. We always have a competition on who can see the first robin of the year. Looks like he won! Thanks

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Saw this one yesterday

I saw this one in Crothers Woods (Don River valley) yesterday afternoon. I'm just a beginner, so I would love if someone could help me identify it.

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Possum near the Rouge (Toronto)

I took the dog for a walk a little while ago, February 18 2017, and she attempted to bolt and make a friends with this little guy. It was a warm night

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Snowmobiling - popular in Ontario - popular winter activity in Southern Ontario

Snowmobiling - great winter pastime - driver training, info, links to OFSC, snowmobiling ...

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Possum sighting on fence in back yard Oshawa

Hubby was going to let out puppy out at 11:20 pm for her night pee, when he noticed her barking before the patio door got open. He saw this thing on

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Daily visit from my little Buddy

I've had a few Possums that wander into my garage/studio through the cat door, they quite often come in even if I'm out there doing some computer work.

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Possum spotted near Trinity Bellwoods

I spotted this Possum one around 9:30 pm sitting by the curb in a residential neighbourhood near Trinity Bellwoods Park in central Toronto. It just

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More Bald Eagle sightings

Here are some recent reports from our readers of Bald Eagle sightings across Ontario Fred from Kingston reported ... my wife and I recently took the Glenora

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Wolf in Ottawa - Range Road

Last week I was driving down Range Road and I noticed a Wolf caught in the fence along the side of the road (I originally thought it was a deer). It

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Autumn Urban Coyotes in Mississauga

We receive several reports of Coyote sightings each day - here are some from Mississauga from 2016 Dixie and Q E W August 28th ... there have been

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Bobcat sighting near Norwood Ontario

Just had a Bobcat walk across the front of the house and I watched it go across the driveway into the bush. At first I thought it was a Lynx but looking

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BBQ Supervisor

I was BBQing, about 5 pm, and it was still light outside. I looked into the bush/tree beside me and about 3 feet from my head was this little guy. He

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Red Tailed Hawk?

My son saw this bird perched up in a back yard tree this morning. Date/Time: Monday January 30th at 8:15 am. Location: We are in the west end of

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Wolves Everywhere!

Over the past few months we have received reports of Wolf sightings from our readers. Angela from Tamworth said ... Our German Shepherd was very agitated

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Many Bald Eagles sighted

One of our readers wrote to say ... I was driving with my Dad going southbound on White Oak Road, close to/toward Manning Drive. We both saw one of

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Maple Syrup - the most delicious syrup on pancakes, icecream, waffles

Canadian Maple Syrup, made from Maple sap, what a tasty treat - use in baking and on breakfast pancakes, maple syrup candy is wonderfully sweet, sucrose ...

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Big Cats in Ontario, seen across the province, Bobcats, Cougar, Lynx

Sightings of Big Cats in Ontario, Lynx, Bobcats, Cougar, mystery animals

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Canadian Animals, the Beaver, Wolf, Deer,Coyote, Squirrel, Groundhog, Fox, Snake

Canadian animals including the Coyote, Groundhog, Skunk and the Wolves in Southern Ontario, les animaux canadiens abound here - White Tailed Deer, Chipmunks, Squirrels, Fox, Badger,

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Leamington Possum

December 22 2016. A Possum resting on fence early morning. Thanks for these adorable pictures - we will also post this on our facebook page.

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Barrie Ontario possum

This evening my hubby heard a noise out on our back deck. He went to investigate and saw an animal in our recycling bin. We couldn't tell what it was

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The Grey Wolf of Ontario, stealthy hunter, family pack member, the wolf is ..

Grey Wolf or Canadian Wolf, is found in small numbers in this area of Southern Ontario, the Grey Wolf, (Canis lupus) or Le loup, is even seen around the London area

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Winter in Ontario - crisp & cold, lots to do outdoors! Snowmobiling, Skiing

Winter in Ontario, Southern Ontario winters - cold, crisp & outdoor fun! Winter in Ontario, especially Christmas can be snowy and frosty, l'hiver ...

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Highland Creek Ravine Owl

Finally after years of not seeing any owls, I found this beauty while out hiking in the Highland Creek Ravine in Scarborough. I had the dog with

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