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Due to our recent visit to Iceland, England & Ireland in 2017, there may be a delay in seeing your submissions published, but I will be hard at work, now we are back!

Tiny House - Bed & Breakfast in London, Ontario

Alyse's Tiny House was great! My wife and I had a mid-week get-away and the cute as a button Tiny House in London, Ontario, was perfect! It was very

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Who doesn't want to save money ...

I just stumbled upon a really great website which I've bookmarked coz I think I'll be checking it out frequently! Take a look at this ...

Northern Lights in Canada

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Anyone can build a website ...

Anyone can build an SBI website - here is information for our readers from the Netherlands ...

Indigenous Art of Canada

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Kincardine, Ontario

Small towns are generally friendly. You can usually find this out right on the main street of any small town - people will smile or say hello even if

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I Love Raccoons!

One beautiful summer night I was sitting quietly and still on my front patio. Along came a raccoon. He was large and when he saw me, he walked absolutely

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Get your sled ready - it's almost time for Snowmobiling!

Snowmobiling is one of the many popular outdoor activities across Canada during the winter months, and is a favourite in our family ...

Snowmobiling in Ontario

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Aurora Borealis - the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are seen in the northern hemisphere, including here in Southern Ontario, when conditions are right, and these ethereal lights have always fascinated me and on the occasions that I have observed them, the sight has filled me with awe.

Northern Lights in Canada

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William Shatner - at Comic Con, London Oct 13 - 15 2017

The universe’s greatest space Captain, William Shatner will be beaming into the Forest City to attend London Comic Con for Friday and Saturday to meet with fans and participate in a live stage Q&A media session ...

William Shatner Comic Con 2017 London

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Please be careful with your pets

Several years ago we received a very sad report from one of our readers, and it is worth publishing again ...

Wolf Algonquin Park

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Canadian Indigenous Art

I am not an artist, nor am I any kind of expert, but I do feel strongly that there should be more exposure of the Art of Native Canadians, around the world as nowhere else in the world do you see the Art that we have in Canada.

Indigenous Art of Canada

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The Pileated Woodpecker

This is the largest Woodpecker in Southern Ontario and one of our readers sent us some great pictures! Thanks Cody!

Pileated Woodpecker at Hungry Hollow Ravine

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Collingwood - beautiful in any season!

Collingwood is known as a resort town for all seasons, with great skiing, snowmobiling and for its close proximity to Wasaga Beach on Georgian Bay.

Collingwood Ontario - Blue Mountain

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Happy Thanksgiving weekend - let's hear it for the turkeys!

We often see flocks of these birds in the fields in this area during the Autumn and Winter months, as the birds look for the last of the grain from the summer - yesterday there was a pair of turkeys on our lawn!

Wild Turkeys in Ontario

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Colborne Possum

Possum in my backyard yesterday afternoon. He looked injured, and was limping. Thank you for sending your report and picture.

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Red Tailed Hawk

Today I was very lucky to see this bird on a light post in Milton. I usually have my camera with me, so I was able to get some nice photos of it.

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Beautiful Cardinals

The lovely Cardinal can be found across the eastern USA, from the southern parts of Canada, south to the Gulf Coast and west to Arizona and parts of Southern California.

The Cardinal in Ontario

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The Red Fox in Ontario

Red Fox is the common name for these animals however, not all of them are actually red, as there are several colour combinations seen. The most common colour is deep red, but lighter and darker animals are often seen, with some being brown and almost black.

The Red Fox in Ontario

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Paris Ontario

The first "long distance" telephone call ever made, was made on August 10, 1876, by the father of the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Melville Bell, from downtown Brantford, to his son Alexander Graham Bell.

Paris Ontario

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The Cheerful Chickadee

These small, active birds are attracted to your bird feeders with a mixed bird-seed, suet, sunflower seeds and peanuts.

The Cheerful Chickadee in Ontario

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Cougar in Toronto?

I am re-publishing this report from Mash, who sent it to us back in 2010. Yesterday I saw an animal that looked much like a Mountain Lion. Historicaly,

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Owl in the dryer vent

On our street there is an Owl that has been living in my neighbour's dryer vent since late last summer, or early fall. I got a picture in January.

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Coyote sighting in Jerseyville

Out on the field in a tractor, a Coyote was running around, and came right in front of my boyfriend's tractor! This happened at 9 am and it was alone.

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Bald Eagles in Mississauga

I was driving home on the 407 approaching Brittania Road, when I noticed two large birds that appeared to be Bald Eagles in an old dead tree at the edge

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Pair of Bald Eagles

I have noticed a pair of Bald Eagles in the west area on the east side of the 407 just south of Britannia Rd., in Mississauga for about a month. Thank

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Saying Goodbye to the Orioles

Jo-Anne from Cambridge sent us her beautiful pictures of Baltimore Orioles which she spotted in Richmond Hill, Ontario, and before we know it, they will be heading south for the winter ...

Ontario Baltimore Oriole

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The Common Goldeneye

This bird is a medium sized diving duck - the male has a black and white head with the noticeable yellow eye and circular white patch, and the female has a brown head.

Ontario Common Goldeneye

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Raccoons, love 'em or hate 'em, they are everywhere!

Raccoons are common in this part of Southern Ontario and we often see them during the early evening and at night when driving along both rural roads and city streets. They are thriving both in the country and in urban areas, where they have made the adaptations to city life.

Raccoons in Ontario

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Pelee Island, Ontario

With a total of 10,000 acres of vineyards, farms, parks, beaches, and forest, this little island is a great place to visit. Many people may not realize that over half of the 50 American states are north of here, including Northern California.

Pelee Island, wineries and pheasant shoot Ontario

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Wild Peacocks in Ontario

One of our readers from Amherstburg sent us this report of her bird sighting - Every day on my way to work I am seeing 5-7 wild Peacocks grazing on the side of the road - can this be true? I didn't really believe it but I stopped yesterday and it was true - Peacocks!

Wild Peacocks in Ontario

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Halloween in Ontario, Canada

This festival has it's roots way back in the mists of time - some say that it dates back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, which was a celebration of the end of the harvest season.

Halloween in Ontario

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More September Possums

Sept 1 - one of our readers said ... my dog killed two Possums in the last 24 hours in south Ajax Ontario! They stink! Sept 3 - Rich from Brighton,

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Does anyone else remember Wolves in Brechin

V. Griffiths from England, wrote to tell us about the Wolves she saw as a child ... I will always remember these beautiful Wolves, and I no longer live in Canada, I have fond memories of both Canada and the Wolves.

Wolves seen in Brechin 25 years ago

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Are there Beavers in downtown Toronto

Andrea from Toronto sent us pictures which show Beaver activity in Toronto!

Beaver damage in Toronto

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Leamington, Ontario - greenhouse capital of North America!

Leamington has long been known for its many greenhouses, and now has the largest number of commercial greenhouses in all of North America. Major products of the greenhouse industry, in addition to tomatoes, are peppers, cucumbers, roses, and other flowers.

Tomato harvest in Leamington Ontario

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Please help identify this Hawk

This magnificent bird was sighted in Toronto and these pictures were submitted to us by C. Babbington ...

Ontario raptor

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The Monarch Butterfly

This is the time of year that the pretty Monarch Butterflies migrate south after spending the summer here in Southern Ontario, and elsewhere. Sometimes known as the Milkweed Butterfly, this is probably the best known butterfly in North America.

Monarch Butterfly in Ontario

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The Screech Owl

I have heard the saying that - if you have a woodlot, you'll have Screech Owls. I don't know how true this is, but I do know that we have them here, just outside St Thomas, as we hear their calls ...

Screech Owls in Ontario

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Venison - the other red meat

I have a bit of a dilemma - I love to watch the graceful White Tailed Deer that live close to our home and yet I am also open to a dinner of delicious roast wild meat! Our son-in-law, David, is a ...

Venison recipes

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Assorted Vultures across Ontario

In the late spring this year we received several sightings of Turkey Vultures, and you can read them below. April 9 2017, North Pelham, one of our readers

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Fall in Ontario ... it's back!

Starting around late September, as the nights grow longer and cooler, the trees begin to change colour. Slowly at first, but here and there, there is a hint of red, yellow or orange amid the green leaves. Slowly but surely, the colours deepen and begin to change, subtly at first, but the trees do change day by day, until they are a riot of flamboyant, extravagant colours!

Fall Ontario

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Sighting in Galt, Cambridge on June 10, 2017

Hi, today, on June 10 2017, at around 11 am, I saw about 6 Turkey Vultures in the yard of my house which is right across from Galt Collegiate Institute

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Sturgeon Point Bald Eagle Sighting

We have many Osprey in the area, so when anyone has mentioned seeing an Eagle, it has been dismissed as being confused with one of the local Osprey.

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Bald Eagles fishing the open water created by Ferry crossing at Glenora

My wife and I recently took the Glenora ferry to Prince Edward county. We observed four individual Bald Eagles flying over and hunting the open water

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Unknown and unseen bird

This bird is smaller than a dove, has darker tipped light grey feathers, a slim slightly curved beak. It has an almost white head and a bright red patch

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Osprey in Colchester

This is an osprey on top of cell tower in Colchester, Ontario. Great picture, thank you for sharing!

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Six spotted May 30 at Sherbourne & Bloor Streets. Toronto

I've spotted Turkey Vultures perched on this building at Sherbourne and Bloor Streets in Toronto around 5 pm, for just one afternoon in late May every

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Turkey Vulture Sighting

We've seen many flocks of Turkey Vultures (up to 20) gliding in the Masonville area in London Ontario on many occasions. In the attached photo the

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Angus, Ontario February 2017

My Husband and I spotted a possum walking across our fence in the backyard and watched as he gingerly crawled back down off the fence and disappeared

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Possum in Courtice

I was doing some work on my dining table when my eight-year old son called me to the sliding door that opens to the backyard to see a creature. At first,

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