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Unknown Bird of Prey?

Seen July 6 around Yonge and Bloor in Toronto adjacent to the Rosedale Valley ravine. It was calling frequently, a high pitched soft sound, not harsh.

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Need help identifying

I was walking along the Rouge off off the trail at Morningside and came across two large raptors. One of them had landed and I was able to get a photo

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Golden Eagle Waterloo

I caught these pictures on my game camera near Erbsville, Ontario. I personally believe it is a Golden Eagle. Most of my night-time pics are deer, coyotes

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Great Horned Owl in Kitchener

Helloo ho hoo hoo! I have a Great Horned Owl living in the backyard within city limits. We have incredibly tall trees which are frequented by Crows

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Many Coyotes in ravine

My name is Carole I live in Thornhill, Ontario. We have a ravine at the back of our property and every evening around 12:00 pm we hear barking followed

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What type of bird was visiting Brampton?

This large bird was on a rooftop in Brampton, Ontario. I'm not sure if it was a Turkey Vulture. It shows white head with a wingspan of about 6-8 feet.

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Migrating Turkey Vultures

I observed 27 large Vultures moving slowly and silently in early September (I believe) last year. I live on the top floor (24th) of an apartment building

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Soaring overhead in January

I live southwest of Peterborough Ontario out in the country. Today as I was outside in minus 11 degree weather checking the bird feeder, I looked up

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Snowy Owl

Driving home from work I stopped to get a picture of a hawk. After it flew away I spotted this Snowy Owl two hydro poles further up the road. It was

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I'm visiting London Ontario from the UK Ospreys are only slowly re-establishing themselves in the north of England and are still a rare sight. Imagine

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Winter Possums of Ontario

Several of our readers have written to us to tell us about their Possum encounters - here are a selection of them! Frank from Oshawa wrote to say .....

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Red Tailed Hawk

One of our readers from London, Ontario, sent us this report of a Hawk sighting - This little Red Tailed Hawk unfortunately hurt one of its wings whilst

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Kestrels near London, Ontario

One of our readers sent us this report of her sighting today - When my mother and I were driving south of London today, we saw two Kestrels on the telephone

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Wandering Wolves

One of our readers from Newmarket says ... A Wolf spotted in Newmarket?  I swear a wolf was just in my yard. My dog and I were up on our deck and she was

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Possum in North York -

Sitting out in the back yard around 7:00 in the morning October 7, 2017, having a cigarette, and a possum strolls by no more than 5 feet away from me on

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Extreme cold weather killed Possum

I found a Possum frozen to the driveway under my car. I don`t know when it moved under the car because I didn't use the car for a few days during Christmas

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Bald Eagles on the St Clair River

Nice to see the comeback of The Bald Eagle right here in my own neighbourhood in Corunna, Ontario. Most mornings you can watch them feeding right in front

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Bells Corners Sighting

I was cycling on the trail between Hanel and the 417 around 6:30 this morning when, what I initially took to be a Coyote because I hear them often enough,

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White Squirrel

White Squirrel sighted in Trenton, Ontario, in September 2011.

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Turkeys Galore at the farm

I am located 1 hour north west of Toronto Canada in farming community. I have observed the Vultures, five of them all summer. They would rest on barn

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Trent River Owl

I live in the village of Hastings, just about 1/2 hour east of Peterborough, Ontario. My property is on the Trent River just west of the village. On

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Snowy Owl in Hamilton along Lakefront trail

My sister and I were walking the waterfront trail in Hamilton on November 24, 2017 and spotted this beauty. She sat in the same spot for at least an

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Bald Eagle Spotted Flying down the Weir in Port Colborne

Yesterday morning at 10:00 am I was walking my dogs down by Derek's Point in Port Colborne. As we walked alongside the weir, enjoying the very loud voices

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Possum living in an old fox den

We caught this Possum on our trail cam over the last few weeks. Thanks for sending this to us - I will also post this on our facebook page soon as our

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Does anyone know the name of these birds?

I have these birds come and feed with the doves and sparrows etc, only in the spring and fall, but for some reason they have stayed for the winter and

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Robins Have Left The Building, (And Our Area)?

Below is a post from one of our readers ... if you also noticed the absence of Robins last summer, please comment below. John Jarvis said ... Here is

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Hawk Sighting?

I saw this in my driveway eating a bird.

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Early Morning Visitor

I saw a Possum in my backyard, eating from the garbage bag and he was not afraid of the light! Thank you for sending us this report and picture - I will

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Ridgeway - a Hidden Gem

Make sure you visit the town / village of ... Ridgeway, Ontario. It is actually the rural area of Fort Erie. It's like stepping back in time to peaceful

Continue reading "Ridgeway - a Hidden Gem"

Face to face with a Coyote

July 30th at about 11:00 am, I decided to go for a three hour hike along the Grand River footpath, starting at Hardy Road walking towards Paris Ontario.

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Name this Bird

I recently met up with this bird at my local Humane Society in Niagara Falls. He was later brought out to the wild and set free. He didn't like us much

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Dog fight in the sky...

This was sent to us last summer from one of our readers - I live in Beachville, Ontario, and yesterday afternoon, July 12th around 4:00 pm I looked up

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Barred Owls

We recently moved to the Tamworth, Ontario, area and have been lucky to watch and listen to a family of owls for over a week now. We drove out to the

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The Black Wolf of St Jacobs

Several years ago, I had a cancer scare. I was awaiting the results of tests, and was, naturally, very frightened. It was a Sunday and my husband took

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Lynx in Winter

My family owns a cottage in the Lake of Bays area. A few years ago, in the late 1990's, I was outside walking on the frozen bay, watching to see if any

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Arden, Ontario

Typical of many small Ontario towns founded in the mid 1800's - largely by descendants of the United Empire loyalists who moved north from settlements

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Cooper's Hawk in Woodstock

I just pulled into my driveway and this Blue-Grey beauty came to say Hi. I'm sure it's a Cooper's Hawk. Although Red-Tails are prolific in this area,

Continue reading "Cooper's Hawk in Woodstock"

Waterloo Hawk ID

I spotted this Hawk late afternoon sitting high up in a tree in Beechwood in Waterloo. Is it a Coopers or a Red Tail Hawk? I don't know, but I'm

Continue reading "Waterloo Hawk ID"

Nuthatches, the acrobats of the bird-feeder - the little Nuthatches are nimble

Nuthatches, Whitebreasted and Red-breasted birds of the northern forest, Nuthatches ...

Continue reading "Nuthatches, the acrobats of the bird-feeder - the little Nuthatches are nimble"

Red Tail Hawk In Brantford

My son and I came across the Red Tailed Hawk on the trails in Brantford, Ontario, on two different occasions and it was if he was posing for us as he wasn't

Continue reading "Red Tail Hawk In Brantford"

Sharing breakfast on a cold and windy Sunday morning

A Cardinal and Nuthatch sharing breakfast on a cold and windy Sunday morning. Bless you for feeding this little creatures - the winter months must be

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Wolves or Coyotes ... what do you think?

We get reports of Wolf and Coyote sightings daily, and usually those reports are easy to categorise as either a Coyote sighting or a Wolf sighting, but occasionally, we get reports of Wolves, where Wolves shouldn't be ...

Wolf or Coyote

Continue reading "Wolves or Coyotes ... what do you think?"

The Cheerful Chickadee

The Chickadee is one of the adorable birds that visit our bird-feeder in the winter ...

Winter Chickadee in Ontario

Continue reading "The Cheerful Chickadee"

The Cardinal in Winter

Marinus Pater, one of our readers from Georgetown, Ontario, sent us this picture of a Cardinal in his yard ...

Winter Cardinal in Ontario

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Bird of Prey for sure

This is a bird of prey for sure ... the proof is in its claws. I was in my backyard last evening (Monday, August 14, 2017) and heard these repeated loud

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One of our readers wrote to us this past summer and sent us this beautiful picture and said ... I took this picture of this beauty in my butterfly / bee

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These two are always here

These two have been busy - it only took a couple of days to go through that tree. I'm not sure what type of Woodpecker that is, but I think some of our

Continue reading "These two are always here "

Friendly resident

I live in a rural part of Whitchurch Stouffville and this beauty is a regular on our quiet street. Seen him/her maybe 5 or 6 times now and hear it nearly

Continue reading "Friendly resident"

Eastern Ontario Wolves

One of our readers from Eastern Ontario, sent us this report - Once while driving on Hwy 17 between Hawkesbury and the 417, I saw a Wolf waiting to cross the highway, it was ...

Wolves in Eastern Ontario

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