in Ontario

Over the years we have had many reports of sightings of Big Cats in Ontario, often animals which remain unidentified.

Ontario is known to have populations of big cats, Lynx and Bobcat, and the occasional Cougar being sighted, but none of these animals should be seen in the wild in Southern Ontario.

Having said that, we have had numerous reports from across the province, of sightings of big cats.

Whether these sightings are of big cats which have spread into this area, or they are escapees from private zoo, is unknown, but there are too many sightings reported for them all to be hallucinations!

(Lynx rufus)

The Bobcat is the smallest of the three Canadian big cats, and is normally found farther north in Ontario, not particularly in Southern Ontario, however, that doesn't mean that it is never sighted around here. 

It is an efficient predator and prefers wooded areas where its primary food is rabbits and hares, but it will also eat geese and rodents.

This particular big cat is 18 - 48 inches long with a weight of about 21 pounds for an average male, but they can grow larger than this.

(Lynx Canadensis)

Another of the Big Cats in Ontario is the Canadian Lynx which lives mainly in northern woodlands where its main diet is the snowshoe hare, and has a weight of 12 - 35 pounds, and length of 30 - 42 inches.  Males are usually larger than females.

Lynx, like other hunters in the forest, play an vital role. They are a medium sized carnivore and they target smaller prey species that reproduce quickly.

This big cat requires a mixed habitat that includes young forests with thick vegetation for hunting small prey, and older forested areas with a full canopy and good cover for building their dens.

 (Puma concolor)

The Cougar, also known as the Mountain Lion or Puma in the USA, should not be in Ontario at all, as they are found mainly further to the south and west of Ontario, mainly west of the Rocky Mountains, but there have been sightings in Southern Ontario, which are probably escaped animals.

A full grown male Cougar can measure almost 8 ft from nose to tail and weighs in at an average of 125 lbs

We always love hearing from our readers, so if you have seen one of the Big Cats in Southern Ontario, please write to us and let us know all the details!  

Please tell us where and when you sighted the animal, what it was doing when you observed it, what time of day this was, and any other additional information that you think our readers will find interesting.


Defenders of Wildlife

Information about the Canadian Lynx, one of the big cats in Ontario, it's life-cycle and habits

The Bobcat Information

Information about the Bobcat found in Canada and the USA

Muskoka Region Information

There are big cats in the Muskoka area - official sighting of a Cougar in Ontario

Have you spotted a Big Cat in Ontario?

Have you seen a big cat? Paw prints? We'd love to hear about it, and see a picture if you have one!

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Bobcat walking away from Trail Cam Not rated yet
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Bobcat Trail Cam pictures Not rated yet
My trail camera has taken a picture of a Bob Cat I think anyways. Will upload the picture, night time so hard to tell. I live south of 401 east …

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Its interesting to read recent comments as a lot online is quite old and my experience was last week. In 2015 I found a massive cat print in mid-May …

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Bobcat in Tiny township Not rated yet
Picture from deer cam, November 2017. Thanks for your picture, it sure looks like a Bobcat!

Bobcat sighting in Kitchener Not rated yet
Hi; I caught a glimpse of a very large cat, tan to light brown in colour, estimated to be about 3 feet long. The location was a new building lot in …

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Walking along Glasgow Road, beside the Humber River, in Bolton, I rounded a bend in the road and a cougar ran up the embankment from the river …

Lynx spotted Not rated yet
Lorraine wrote to report ... on October 25th at approximately 3:30 p.m. we spotted a Lynx when it crossed the highway in front of us. We were heading …

Bobcats, Cougars and Mystery Cats Not rated yet
James Clements from Nipissing, Ontario, wrote ... no big story, but I just saw a Bobcat cross our driveway and wanted to report it for your stats. No …

Bells Corners Sighting Not rated yet
I was cycling on the trail between Hanel and the 417 around 6:30 this morning when, what I initially took to be a Coyote because I hear them often enough, …

I saw a Lynx near McMaster University​ Not rated yet
I was walking in the trail and saw one this week. I have a picture I took of its footprint. Is this an ordinary sighting? Thank …

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Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017 9:18am. My boyfriend and I were driving to my parent's house from our house, which is only about 15 minutes apart. We …

Lynx? Not rated yet
These were seen at Frank Kenny Drive, Navan area, Ontario. Found Tracks in the snow but not sure if they are a big cat print. Paw width …

Bobcat sighting near Norwood Ontario Not rated yet
Just had a Bobcat walk across the front of the house and I watched it go across the driveway into the bush. At first I thought it was a …

Huron County south western Ontario Not rated yet
Seen a full grown Cougar - main hwy 8 towards Goderich, in spring 2016. I saw it jump from from side of middle of road into ditch in one leap. …

Cat-like creature near Port Bruce Not rated yet
Regarding the large cat-like creature - not just me but my sister, husband, and aunt, have all seen a similar feline, small cougar-like creature in the …

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