Big cat - could be Cougar?

by P.H.
(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

This sighting was just outside Hamilton, Ontario, at 2 am close to Nebo Road on Airport Rd.

The animal ran in front of my car and into the brush.

It took up half the road and looked like it crossed in just one stride.

It was a beige colour and I did not see any pointy ears and unfortunatly I didn't notice it's tail.

It was too big to be a Bobcat or Coyote and did not seem to be a Lynx either.

It just might have been a Cougar but at the same time it shouldn't be. They should not be in this area at all!

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May 04, 2016
by: MMM

If only you had seen the tail, as a Cougar's thick, rope-like tail is long enough to brush the ground, unlike any other animal we have around. Cougars are slowly reclaiming some lost ground, where they were previously extirpated. Slow going, but sightings are on the rise and the MNRF has confirmed their existence in Ontario.

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