Southern Ontario stretches from the city of Windsor in the south west, to breath-taking Niagara Falls in the east, and as far north as the magnificent Bruce Peninsula.

This area is an economically stable part of Canada and is a great place to call home, as we have great weather - if you like hot summers and cold, crisp winters, and colourful Autumns that will take your breath away!

In this Guide I will focus on the areas around London and St Thomas, and the north shore of Lake Erie, but will include other areas when they have important or interesting activities and information.

I want to get the news out - this is a great place to live or to visit!

We'd love to show you around the area - I know the movie may take a moment to load, but it's worth the wait!

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I remember the first time I came to Canada on holiday from the UK, in the summer of 1977, I thought the weather, lifestyle and job opportunities in Southern Ontario were wonderful, the people were so friendly and welcoming, and they still are!

On our first Ontario vacation, we loved the vibrant cities of Brantford and London, and the pretty towns of St Thomas with its Railway Museum and Stratford - famous for its annual Shakespeare Festival.

The sleepy little villages that we found on our travels through this area enchanted us - the quaint village of Sparta with its well known Artist's studio, Port Stanley on the shore of Lake Erie, the tiny village of Dresden where you will find "Uncle Tom's Cabin Historical Site", and busy St Jacobs where you can take a step back in time and shop at the wonderful Mennonite market.

We found holiday accommodation to be affordable, and when we were considering the cost of purchasing a home here, we found that housing here was also well priced.

So, if you are planning a holiday to Southern Ontario, or if you are planning to emigrate, then take a look at this guide - we have lots of information for the immigrant to this country as well as information about the cities, towns and villages of the region, Summer Festivals, entertainment,
and accommodation

If you are considering emigrating here and are wondering about the weather and the various seasons in Southern Ontario, then check out our Seasons section.

Do you wonder what we do in our long winters here?

Find out in our Winter section and our Snowmobiling articles to find out what we do for excitement!

If you have never been to Ontario before, that's no problem . . .

In this guide you'll find information on many interesting places to go and there are lots of things to see and do while you are here.

In our Communities section, you will find an overview of each of the larger cities and towns in Southern Ontario.

If you are looking for Villages and really small places to visit, look in Favorite Villages.

If you are seeking holiday accommodation in the London / St Thomas / Aylmer area during your Ontario vacation, check out our Cottages page and there is also a great choice of holiday rentals in Canada for every interest.

There you will find the Sunnybrook Farm Holiday Home in St Thomas which is available for long term rental (1 to 12 months), and also links to other sites offering holiday accommodation.

Many vacationing families choose this area each summer - and why not, it really is a great destination for a holiday - we have golden, sandy beaches, Hotels & Motels and beach-side cottages along the
Lake Erie and Lake Huron shores.

If you are traveling in Canada, there is an abundance of different types of accommodation from which you can choose - Hotels, Motels, Cabins & Cottages.

Bed & Breakfast accommodation is another option for families on holiday, which is gaining in popularity.

If you have a community in Southern Ontario that you would like us to add to our site, please use the Contact Us form and we will be happy to add more information to our data base.

In this area you will find:

* Vacation Spots

* Winery Tours

* Country Drives

* Summer Festivals

* Restaurants

* Horse Shows

* Country Hikes

* Nature & Wildlife

* Beaches

Come with me and my family, on a journey around the area that is known for it's lush farmland, beautiful lakes and rivers, abundant wild-life and its warm friendly people.

"Découvrez Sud de l'Ontario!"

Take a walk with me through this guide, as we discover some of the hidden gems of this area, and some of my old favourites!

Many years ago, I came to Southern Ontario from England and my husband came here from Holland. Canada has been good to us and we love it here!

If you are thinking of moving here, please check out our immigration story in the About Us section.

Both my hubby and I have lived in Canada for over 30 years, in St Thomas and also in various places in Ontario, including a Gold mining town in the northern part of the province.

If you are still wondering why you should visit this part of Canada?
Or asking yourself if should you move here?
What does Southern Ontario have to offer workers or visitors?
Would you like to know what there is to do here in the Winter?

Come along and explore some of our lovely towns and villages through these pages and discover why my family and I have made this area our home!

There is an abundance of Nature and Wildlife to be enjoyed in this area and many Conservation Areas, Provincial Parks and places of natural beauty to see, so check out our pages and come back often!

You can find lots of information on the Animals and Wild Birds in Southern Ontario here, including our Game birds, a variety of the Birds of Prey in this area, the many types of local Waterfowl, the common Backyard Birds and our elusive, nocturnal Owls.

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About Us, why we left England and how we settled in Southern Ontario
About Us - the story of how we got here to beautiful Southern Ontario and why we love it so much! When you read about our journey to Canada in 1977, you will know why this country is so special to me
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Artisan Soap - gentle and mild, made with wholesome ingredients
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Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Southern Ontario - some of our favourites
Bed and breakfast - becoming more popular around here - here are a few that we have really enjoyed!
Some of our favourite villages in Southern Ontario - pretty & peaceful
Quaint & Pretty - our favourite villages in this area of Ontario - favourite villages such as Sparta, St Jacobs, Bayfield,
Southern Ontario communities - London, Brantford, Aylmer, Chatham - communities
Southern Ontario Communities - cities in this area, these communities are growing and prosperous, St Thomas, Strathroy, Stratford, St Marys, Windsor, Aylmer,
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Cheap flights Canada, information and links to budget airline,cheap flights
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Seasons in Southern Ontario, Amazing Autumn, Wonderful Winter, Splendid Spring!
Seasons in Southern Ontario, what to expect in the seasons in Southern Ontario - summers here are hot and often humid, lots of sunshine
Southern Ontario weather - from summer heat to winter storms, we get weather ...
Typical weather for Southern Ontario, seasonal info, links to weather forecasts
Golf - one of the most popular sports in Southern Ontario - golf
Golf - Southern Ontario Golfing - courses galore!
Ontario Police College in Aylmer, Ontario, OPC
Ontario Police College, or OPC as it is often called, is on Hacienda Road, in Aylmer Ontario
Stones 'N Bones Museum, Sarnia, Ontario
The Stones 'N Bones Museum in Sarnia is an amazing place for young and old!
The African Lion Safari near Hamilton a wonderful place for a day out with .....
African Lion Safari - a fabulous place to go each year, enjoyed by young and old alike, something for everyone!
Horseback Riding in Southern Ontario - we'll add more horseback riding info soon
Horseback riding - listings of Horse Riding stables in Southern Ontario, Horseback-Riding - fun for kids! L'équitation!
Enjoy a hiking holiday in Southern Ontario, great woodland walks
A Hiking holiday in beautiful Southern Ontario, self-catering accommodation, hiking guide can be arranged, great hiking holiday!
Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis, beautiful mysterious Northern Lights
Northern Lights, seen in the northern sky over Canada, mysterious and spectacular! Aurore boréale...
Snowmobiling - popular in Ontario - popular winter activity in Southern Ontario
Snowmobiling - great winter pastime - driver training, info, links to OFSC, snowmobiling ...
Visitors' Southern Ontario Travel Stories
Great Southern Ontario travel stories, by visitors from around the world who come to Southern Ontario
St Thomas Ontario - Railroad capital, close to Lake Erie beaches, Alma College,
St Thomas is the Railroad capital of Canada, St Thomas Ontario is "Faster, Stronger, Better" - welcoming industry here, manufacturing - also where the famous Jumbo met his ....
Sunday Drives - sometimes we love to go for a drive on a Sunday afternoon
One of our favourite places to go at the weekends is one of our Sunday drives, is through the farm country around Sparta, Ontario ....
St Thomas Real Estate, housing in London and area
St Thomas Real Estate, understanding housing terms in Canada, Southern Ontario real estate Agent, check - St Thomas real estate agent John Knowles, honest & working for YOU!
Executive Home for Sale - St Thomas
Executive home for sale outside St Thomas
Port Stanley, Lake Erie's north shore, clean sandy beaches in Port Stanley
Pretty Port Stanley, fishing village on Kettle Creek, Southern Ontario fishing port - Port Stanley is a popular vacation destination and is affordable!
Sparta Ontario, an interesting history close to Lake Erie, Port Stanley, Aylmer
Sparta Ontario - pretty village with Quaker roots, Winter Wheat, Peter Robson, Steed & Company, Sparta Candles, Sparta House Tea Room,
Dalewood Conservation Area, St Thomas - Dalewood great Camping, Canoeing, Hiking
Dalewood, located just just to the north of St Thomas, Dalewood Conservation Area is a great place to get away from it all!
Springwater Conservation Area - between St Thomas & Aylmer south of Orwell
Springwater Conservation Area, great camping, fishing, hiking and a spring-fed lake & beach for the kids - something for everyone
Collier Homes, St Thomas, builder of distinction - turn your dreams into reality
Rick Collier, of Collier Homes, building homes in the St Thomas area of Southern Ontario for many years and has a reputation for quality construction
Alma College, St Thomas - historic landmark, Ladies' College
Historic Alma College was a landmark in the town of St Thomas, built in 1878 and opened as a private girls school in 1881
London restaurants, there are so many from which to choose, some of which are
London Restaurants, if you are looking for somewhere for a special dinner, or for a quiet Bistro, check out our listing of London Restaurants ...
Fanshawe College - London, with campuses in St Thomas, Simcoe, Woodstock &
The main campus of Fanshawe College is in London, Ontario, with satellite schools in St Thomas, Woodstock, Tillsonburg & Simcoe, continuing Education, full-time courses,
Halloween in Ontario - see how Canadians celebrate Halloween! Boo!
Halloween - Boo! Trick or Treat at Halloween each year!
Frequently asked Questions - FAQ about life in Southern Ontario
Frequently asked questions about Southern Ontario and life here, climate, immigration, housing
O Canada, our National Anthem, words, O Canada - Canada's best known song
O Canada, our National Anthem and best loved song - O Canada
Maple Syrup - the most delicious syrup on pancakes, icecream, waffles
Canadian Maple Syrup, made from Maple sap, what a tasty treat - use in baking and on breakfast pancakes, maple syrup candy is wonderfully sweet, sucrose ...
Video Gallery - a tour of this area, Toronto, wildlife of this area of Ontario
Video Gallery - take a video slide show tour of our website
Christmas in Canada, a Winter Wonderland of snow, enjoy a Canadian Christmas!
Traditional Christmas in Canada - Snow & Santa, snowmobile time, Christmas cards & gifts, trim the tree and decorate the house at Christmas in Canada, Noël bonne
Canadian Wildlife photos, birds and wildlife of Ontario - links
Canadian wildlife photos of Deer, Wolves, Birds of Prey, Blue Jay, Cardinal, Chickadee
Canadian Animals, the Beaver, Wolf, Deer,Coyote, Squirrel, Groundhog, Fox, Snake
Canadian animals including the Coyote, Groundhog, Skunk and the Wolves in Southern Ontario, les animaux canadiens abound here - White Tailed Deer, Chipmunks, Squirrels, Fox, Badger,
The Grey Wolf of Ontario, stealthy hunter, family pack member, the wolf is ..
Grey Wolf or Canadian Wolf, is found in small numbers in this area of Southern Ontario, the Grey Wolf, (Canis lupus) or Le loup, is even seen around the London area
Coyotes in Ontario, secretive and stealthy, these animals are in Southern Ont ..
The Coyotes in Ontario are thriving in most of Southern Ontario, in the countryside and increasingly near human habitation, they pose little threat to humans
Big Cats in Ontario, seen across the province, Bobcats, Cougar, Lynx
Sightings of Big Cats in Ontario, Lynx, Bobcats, Cougar, mystery animals
Wild birds in Ontario, some common resident birds - wild birds in Ontario
Wild Birds in Ontario - the species of wild birds in Ontario, migratory and non-migratory species, rare and common birds of Southern Ontario
Backyard birds - commonly seen birds in Southern Ontario, les oiseaux du jardin
What we call Backyard birds - Blue Jay, Cardinal, Chickadee, Nuthatch, les oiseaux du jardin
Waterfowl and shore birds, Tundra Swans, Mallard Ducks, Golden Eye, Blue Heron
Waterfowl of Southern Ontario, including the Canada Goose, Wood Duck, Ruddy Duck and Tundra Swan, these waterfowl are ...
Raptors and Vultures in Southern Ontario include the Red Tailed Hawk, Turkey Vul
Some of the Raptors and vultures in this area include Coopers Hawk, Red Tailed Hawk, Sharp Shinned Hawk, Turkey Vulture ....
Tundra Swans - Spring visitors to S Ontario - Aylmer, Long Point, tundra swans
Tundra Swans - thousands migrate through Aylmer area on their way to Arctic breeding grounds, les cygnes
Owls of Southern Ontario - the silent hunters of the night
Owls in Southern Ontario - Great Horned, Short Eared, Screech, Hiboux
Game birds of Ontario include the Goose, Snipe, Woodcock, Wild Turkey
Game Birds in Southern Ontario - fall hunt - Wild Turkey, Snow Goose
Famous Canadians - who hasn't heard of William Shatner, John Candy, Lorne Green
Famous Canadians - Actors, Commedians, Scientists, Politicians, les Canadiens célèbres
Native Canadian Art - unique and fascinating, l'art inuit
The Art of our Native Canadian people - Aboriginal peoples, the Inuit, Ojibwe, Metis, Cree, l'art inuit ....
Tennille Rose Will, Canadian artist, native of Southern Ontario
Tennille Rose Will, born Leamington, Ontario, raised in Aylmer, Ontario - her art is featured in ....
Aaron Blanshard, wildlife photographer
The photography of Aaron Blanshard, gifted teen photographer from London Ontario
Canadian Artist Michael Dumas - popular wildlife artist, Michael Dumas
Michael Dumas' paintings of Canadian wildlife have wide appeal to those who love nature, Michael Dumas ...
Wildlife prints, limited editions by Canadian artists - wildlife prints
Wildlife Prints - we have for sale some Canadian wild-life prints by Michael Dumas, Carl Arlen, Bruce Muir, Robert Genn - other wildlife prints ...
Guest book for our website - find out who our readers are, where they hail from
Our Guest Book - our readers are from around the globe - leave your contribution about our website in our Guest Book ......
Contact Us
Contact Us, write to us,
My Passion - my SBI website, this site has changed my life - my passion
My Passion for Southern Ontario is brought to life with SBI - more than web hosting this is a whole system for beginners and experienced web-site builders - my passion ...
Links to other fascinating places to visit world wide
Check out the other fascinating places around the world
Our Photo Contest - Proudly Canadian - open to all! Send us your pictures of ..
Our photo contest - deadline August 1, 2011 - send your pictures of proud Canadians - maybe you fly the Canadian flag - send us a picture, perhaps your Dad wears a .....
Spa Marvel - amazing, gentle, environmentally friendly hot tub system
Spa Marvel is a unique formulation of natural enzymes, minerals and plant extracts and contains no harsh chemicals
Love-a-Dove White Wedding Dove Release Service - St Thomas, London, Aylmer
Love-a-Dove is a White Wedding Dove Release Service in the St Thomas, London and Aylmer, Ontario area
Genealogical and Family Research, family tree, ancestry research
Genealogical and Family Research, we can research your family tree and provide you with information on your ancestors
Our visit to Iceland 2017, from Reykjavik around the whole island
Our visit to Iceland in 2017, Reykjavic, Selfoss, Vik, Hofn, Geysir, Keflavik airport
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Our Privacy Policy
Our Store - purchase items on-line, books, accessories
Our store - shop on line for snowmobile accessories, nature & wildlife books
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