We'd love to hear why you emigrated to this country!

Tell us about why you decided to emigrate to Canada - we would love for you to tell us about what made YOU decide to move here!

What were your first thoughts about this country and what do you love the most?

I'm sure there are as many emigration stories as there are people who have emigrated here, so send us the story of why you came to live here!

You can read my emigration story here!

We'd love to hear the story of why you emigrated to Canada?

Tell us all about it - maybe you came to Canada as a child, or perhaps you moved here to escape persecution - we would love to hear YOUR story!

Stories from our Readers .....

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She made me write this  
I came to Canada on July 19th, 1969 - which, for those of us who are old enough may remember, was the day before the first manned landing on the Moon. …

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