Are you looking for Cheap flights Canada?

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Are you searching for Cheap flights Canada? Are you trying to calculate Canadian Exchange rates into your own currency?

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Let us help you find your way through the maze of Airlines, to find the ones that have the most competitive prices and the most convenient departure points and times. We also have links to up-to-date exchange rates.

For those people who wish to visit Southern Ontario, Toronto's Pearson International Airport is the most likely airport for overseas visitors to arrive in, however from there a connecting flight can be taken to take you closer to your final destination.

Hamilton International Airport

London, Ontario, Airport

Waterloo International Airport

Windsor Airport

Check these Airlines for Cheap Flights

Air Transat is a Montreal based airline which has ecconomical flights from Canadian Airports to and from Europe, including Manchester, Gatwick, Amsterdam, Glasgow, Dublin, Madrid and Athens.

Hamilton International Airport

Car Rental

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Often called Car Hire in Britain, for visitors arriving for vacations in Canada, renting a car is a fairly straight forward process.

Car Hire companies will require a credit card number to make a reservation, and the cost of the car will include insurance.

A rental car may be booked from home before you leave on holiday and picked up at the airport, or picked up from another location if you prefer.

Many people choose to take possession of their rental car as soon as they arrive from overseas, however, if you are arriving in Canada from the UK, please consider spending the first night here in a hotel and picking up your rental car the next day.

Having had dozens of trans-Atlantic crossings myself, it has always been my experience that it is not a good idea for someone who is still functioning on British time, to be hurtling down Highway 401 in the middle of the night, on (what is to them) the wrong side of the road!

For great advice and tips on getting the best price on your next car rental, browse over 300 rental car discount codes and check out information on car rental policies, one-way car rentals, monthly car rentals and more, check out Best Car Rental Tips

When you are ready to book your car rental here are some of the major Automobile Rental companies listed below:

Enterprise Car Rentals

Budget Rent-A-Car

Discount Car Rentals

National Car Rental

Thrifty Car Rental

Hertz Rent-A-Car

Canadian dollar exchange rates

When considering moving to Canada or planning a holiday here, it is important that you get current information on the exchange rate for your own currency.

I have found that the most accurate, up-to-date rates are available using the Currency Calculator below.

Just input the amount of money you would like to exchange in the first box, select your own currency in the second box, in the third box, select Canadian Dollar, then watch the current exchange value appear!

I would also suggest that if you are travelling to Canada, or from Canada to other countries, keep your eye on the exchange rate for a couple of months before your planned trip.  If the exchange rate improves, buy your foreign currency months before you go ... you're going to need it eventually, so why not purchase it early and save money!

The last trip I make to the UK, Ireland and Iceland, meant that I needed three different kinds of currency - the Pound, the Icelandic Kroner and the Euro.  I got all my currency two months before the trip, at better rates than just before my trip.

Calculate Exchange Rate

(Cheap flights Canada!)

Air Transat

Zoom Airlines

Air Canada

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