by Jake Smith
(Ontario, Canada)

I was stopped on a back side road in Cold Water, Ontario, which is just north of Orillia. I was looking for a house and couldn't find it.

I was waiting for a call back from my dispatch when a Cougar walked across the dirt road about 70 yards in front of me.

It was a bright sunny day and it came from tall grass in a field, crossed the road and went into the forest on the other side of the road.

This was in 2013 - I went to where the Cougar went into the forest and took pictures of the cat's paw prints.

I didn't think they were this far south.

Wow, I wouldn't expect them to be around Orillia, but you never know! They are not supposed to be in Ontario at all!

If you find those pictures of the paw prints, I'd love to see them, and I know our readers would too!

Just send them in the same way you submitted this, and just put the title as "Cougar", and I will add them to this page.

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Jul 09, 2014
Cougar in Lasalle
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have a picture of a cougar's face coming out behind a deer on my cell. I did not see the cat until I was at home reviewing the photos. It is WILD. I also have several scat piles and photos of a scratch post and lots of kill sites. The deer population is way down. This cat regularly perimeter-marks the large prairie tract.

Feb 11, 2014
by: Lisa

That's crazy! My husband has been telling me for a while they are in Ontario, but I didn't believe him. Thank you for your post.

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