Prints in Tamworth Ontario

(Tamworth, Ontario, Canada)

Does anyone know what these prints could be from?

They were found in our backyard near Tamworth, Ontario.

We set up a trail-cam but haven't seen anything yet.

Whatever it was took our newspaper from the front yard and left it by the back fence.

We see lots of coyote tracks around here but these are at least twice the size and much wider.

We have a black labrador, the last pic are his prints (he is a big dog).

We also heard a low growling noise across the road when we let the dog out at night one time.

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Apr 22, 2019
Perhaps a cougar
by: Anonymous

I saw your prints and then searched for cougar prints online ... and in the past in your area, there have been big cats captured. I might suggest that it is a Cougar.

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