Potential Cougar Sighting on 406 in Fonthill

by Jessie
(Fonthill, Ontario, Canada)

We had just passed under the highway 20 overpass on the 406 this evening around 10 pm when I was startled by an animal standing in the left lane of the northbound side of the highway.

The animal stood taller and wider than a coyote.

It appeared to be waiting for our vehicle to pass, and honestly ... I think it was a cougar.

I swear I saw the typical black markings around its muzzle.

I have dashcam footage of our encounter, but it's too noisy to really make much out other than eyeshine, much to my disappointment.

I've since found your site (obviously), and a number of other people who have had similar experiences.

I had no idea there had been so many potential cougar sightings in this area, but I am starting to believe we really did see one tonight.

Thank you for writing to tell us of your big cat experience.

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