Tomato Capital of Canada!

The town of Leamington, located on the north shore of Lake Erie, was first settled in the mid-1800's and now has a population of 28,000 people.

Leamington tomato

Leamington was, for many years, the home of the H J Heinz factory, however, now the tomatoes from this area are made into delicious French's Ketchup

This area has the mild climate and fertile soil which combine to make is area a perfect place for growing hundreds of fields of tomatoes and has the distinction of being the "Tomato Capital of Canada".

The first time I drove through this area I noticed many road-side fruit and vegetable stands - the freshness of their produce can't be equaled - stop and try some if you are driving by!

When you are visiting town you can stop by the Tourist Information booth - you can't miss it - just look for the big, giant Tomato!

Harvesting Tomatoes

Recently, when my family were in Leamington to visit friends, we saw the Tomato harvest going on.

The fields were full of beautiful, ripe tomatoes and we couldn't resist stopping to watch as the fruits were harvested.

Each August, the town celebrates the Tomato Harvest by holding a Tomato Festival each August where there are Car shows, beauty pageants, parades, and a fair - something for everybody!

Ferry to Pelee Island from Leamington

The Ferry to Pelee Island

The ferry to Pelee Island leaves from here. You will find the Ferry, the MV Jiimaan, at the dock where it leaves for Pelee Island and Sandusky, Ohio.

During the Summer and Fall, Migrant workers, Caribbean, Mexican and Mennonite seasonal labourers, arrive in the region to work in the area's greenhouses and farms.

Because of the annual arrival of seasonal workers, Leamington has an office of the Mexican Consulate.

Leamington has long been known for its many greenhouses, and now has the largest number of commercial greenhouses in all of North America.

Major products of the greenhouse industry, in addition to tomatoes, are peppers, cucumbers, roses, and other flowers.

Located close to the most southern point in mainland Canada, Point Pelee National Park , this is a busy area for migrating birds, and Birdwatchers, during Spring and Fall.

Birdwatchers and Naturalists from round the globe come here to see the amazing variety of bird species and Butterflies which migrate through this area.

This area is also has scuba diving charters, windsurfing and great fishing areas which makes it a great place for a vacation!

Located just to the South West of Wheatley Provincial Park, where you can find some species of plants and animals which inhabit the Carolinian Forest there, which you can enjoy from their 1.6 km of Hiking Trails and lovely sandy beaches.

Wheatley is also on the bird migration route and there are wonderful opportunities to watch the migrating birds in both Spring and Fall.

In Autumn there is a mass migration of Monarch Butterflies which pass through this area on their way to their wintering grounds in Mexico - the descendants of these tiny creatures will make the long migration northward the following Spring.

Are you considering moving to Leamington
or perhaps thinking of taking a holiday in this area? 
Here is a great Youtube video about this great town!

French's Ketchup, Leamington Bringing great flavour to the people for over 100 years. French’s is all about one thing - great flavour, because nothing brings family and friends together quite like a delicious meal made with the highest quality ingredients.

Colasanti's offers both Homegrown and Exotic House Plants and Tropical plants, Restaurant, Petting Farm, Mini-Golf and Kiddie rides - a great place to spend the whole day!

Pelee Island Ferry
Measuring 61 metres in length, and able to transport 40 vehicles and 400 passengers, the MV Jiimaan is the largest passenger ferry along the Lake Erie route to Pelee Island. The cruise to Pelee Island can range from one-and-a-half to just over two hours depending upon departure routes. Light meals and refreshments are available on board.

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