Wolf or Coyote chasing Deer

(Campbellville, Ontario)

I was ripping through our farm fields on my motorbike at 2:30 am when I entered a field and interrupted a Wolf or large Coyote or Coydog that was chasing down a Deer.

The deer went one way and the Wolf headed the other as I chased him on my bike. I got right behind him within maybe five feet at 30 MPH and had a good look.

The bugger was big maybe 120+ pounds, like a large German Shepherd but greyish in colour.

Could have been a Coyote or Coydog but it sure looked like a Wolf.

He darted through the trees and escaped.

I'm not sure what you saw but thanks for sending this to us. I will also post this on our facebook page.


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Oct 11, 2011
You've got a good nerve!
by: Anonymous

Hi, Wicked story!

I'm willing to bet it was a Wolf!

The way you described it, a coyote is usually about the same size as a med-large dog, but a Wolf is most likely described as, like you said, ....."A large German Shepherd" and the grey color is a sure giveaway!



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