Great Canadian Doctor & Scientist

Millions of people, world-wide, owe a debt of gratitude to Sir Frederick Banting and his associate, Charles H Best.

Born in Alliston, Ontario, in November 1891 to his parents, William Thompson Banting and his wife Margaret, Frederick was their youngest child.

Young Frederick worked hard and was accepted at the University of Toronto where he planned to become a Christian Minister.

His focus shifted and he graduated as a Doctor in 1916 in time to serve in the First World War, and was shipped to Europe.

When WWI ended, he returned to Canada and practiced medicine in London, Ontario.

Banting was the co-discoverer of insulin for the treatment of Diabetes along with Charles H Best, his assistant, who was a medical student at that time and together they started the work which resulted in the discovery of insulin.

Banting went on to become Canada's first professor of medical research at the University of Toronto.

We should be incredibly thankful to Charles Best and Frederick Banting, Scientists and researchers.


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