Wolves sighted

by Siana
(Barrie, Ontario, Canada)

I was driving back to our home in south west Barrie, Ontario, and just saw three Wolves in the Allendale area. This is close to the 400 highway and Essa Rd.

They were for sure not Coyotes.

Amazing! I've never in my life seen these creatures. They were big, nervous of the vehicle, but traveling together. Very close to the backyard of houses ...

I'm blown away by this experience!

Thank you for telling us about your Wolf experience - if you see them again, please let us know, our readers enjoy hearing about encounters with wildlife!


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Sep 23, 2013
Howling of wolves for the first time

Here in Stayner I have heard howling of Wolves.
I do know we do have Coyotes in the fields, I hear
them at night but never see them. And yesterday night while walking my 2 little dogs, I heard howling. One was louder and I was scared for my safety and the doggies too. It was my first time I heard them around here.

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