Wolves on the Bruce Peninsula

by Squire & Cindy McGuire
(Englewood, Ohio, USA)

My wife and I were returning from Cabot Head Lighthouse on the Bruce Peninsula, June the 2nd, when two Wolves ran across the road.

One of the Wolves made it to our right the other darted back into the woods to our left.

Once in the thick woods they were gone - but I guarantee you they were Wolves, not coyotes as some believe.

Their size and their gait was unmistakable.

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Aug 23, 2017
by: Anonymous

I was on my motorcycle on Sunday August 20 2017 in Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, on hwy 10 (towards Minto), I'm not actually sure exactly where but I saw a dead Wolf on west side of the road. Had to do a double take while flying by on the bike. First I thought it was a deer with it's fur all dark and mangled. But when I got closer, no doubt it was a Wolf. Forget Coyote or a large husky dog - It was huge! The Wolf was dark grey with black here and there. Whoever is interested, I would contact the highway maintenance dept. they probably cleaned it up by now and reported it to the local wildlife dept.

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