Wolves in Cambridge

by M & J
(Cambridge, Ontario, Canada)

I live in Cambridge, Ontario, we have 86 acres on Roseville Road. We have seen a pair of Wolves on our property.

Yes, they ARE wolves, bigger than Coyotes, different in colour and moving with their tails out or up, NOT down between the legs like Coyotes.

Wolves for sure!

Our golden retrieve was killed, his collar ripped off, his nose/muzzle broken where one Wolf held him down and suffocated him while the other disemboweled him. The dog was found about 100 meters from the house.

Wolves typically hold their prey down by the muzzle and suffocate it.... this was Wolves, NOT Coyotes, the footprints were that of Wolves.

I have now invested in a pair of Slovensky Cuvac males to take care of the other pets on my farm.

I don't want to kill the Wolves but I won't have them killing my pets either!

Slovensky Cuvac dogs are considered "green" because they will first attempt to herd the threat away and only as a last resort will they attack and kill.

I think Wolves are beautiful creatures, I would never harm one, but this incident with the golden retriever has me pretty riled up, to say the least, and I want them to stay the hell away from my house!

The Wolves can have the rest of the property and I will not interfere, come onto the invisible fencing that my Cuvacs stand behind and they are on their own!

Thank you for writing to tell us about the Wolves in your area - I am so sorry about your Golden Retriever, and I'm glad you have got new Slovenský čuvač to protect your animals

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May 29, 2017
by: Anonymous

I live in Meyers Road area in Cambridge, Ontario. Did anyone else hear Wolves howling in the middle of the night last night? Heard dogs yelping too, very unusual.

Oct 03, 2016
by: Becky

Yes, we have Wolves out here - saw one a few years ago when I took my dog for a walk. I have not been going on any hikes lately since my dog passed away, but we sure can hear them out here howling, and it sounds like their pack is growing. It's not the cackles you would hear from a Coyote, it's a Wolf call.

Aug 21, 2014
Almost encountered one
by: Anonymous

I agree there are definitely Wolves wandering around Cambridge, I saw one last night wandering around.

Jul 20, 2012
Yes You're Right!
by: Crystal

I was outside yesterday July 19 2012 on my balcony
in Cambridge, Ontario, with my cat.

I have seen Wolves at Springwater Provincial Park up in Barrie, so I know for sure this was a Wolf.

Anyone else might have passed him off as a stray wild dog, but he definitely was a Wolf, without a doubt!

I was very shocked, I did not think Cambridge had wolves as I have only seen them up north. The ones I seen were in captivity.

This was a wolf looking very hungry, and I'm glad I was out with my cat because he was looking at him like supper.

I love wolves however, I was fascinated seeing one and he darted off real skittish around the back woods.

I spoke with a man walking his dog and he said there is a huge forested area behind us with Coyotes so he wouldn't be surprised.

This definitely was not a Coyote!

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