Wolf spotted in Milton on busy road

by Matt
(Milton, ON)


I was heading home from the gym one night at around 2:00 am driving west-bound on Steeles in Milton, Ontario, and saw what I thought was a Coyote on the south side of the road, standing on the grass.

As I passed, I noticed that it was much bigger then what Coyotes should be, so I turned around to have a closer look.

When I drove closer to the animal, I realized that it was a Wolf. I got within 10 yards of it, so I was able to get a very good look.

Within seconds, the Wolf ran across the road and into a grassy area.

I turned back around to head home and noticed that there was a police officer parked on the side of the road. I stopped and spoke with her and explained that I thought I had just seen a Wolf.

She was able to confirm that Wolves have been known to be in Milton for some time and wasn't surprised at all that I had seen one.

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